Are you sick of social media but you still want to hear a stranger talk about whatever she's fixated onto? All while having a layout stuck on 2003? If yes, Baguette is your home, welcome! ♡

Updates ♡

Added new cute blog entries (item & channels), also replaced all pics, they're hosted here now.
New Persona PNGs
Index, links, shrines, about, diary & cute blog now have favicons.

Finished Yukari's personality page. Added some new links and now all images on it are hosted here.

Made a silly plain html page where I collect pics/videos of hamsters, rats and similar

Yukari shrine was finally updated & completely revamped the layout. So far the pages done are index & official art.
Added a few new transparents, continued my AITSF playhru

I have been working on replacing every pic in my site to host them here + dithering them so they load faster and take less space.
Pages done so far: Index, About, Renders, Animal Crossing blog (not patterns), Aikoto shrine, SMT demons ratings (not liveblog), main page of Diary.
Along with that, I corrected spelling mistakes and other things on the SMT demon ratings page.

My Merch shrine is finally finished.
Added info about my ACGC & ACCW on the Animal Crossing blog.
Added my webrings and such on my index page too.

Layout & all is still a WIP, but I made an Animal Crossing blog because I love to ramble about it. I moved my designs there too. So far the open pages are my accf town & my designs.

New archived liveblog: DGS/TGAA 1. Even tho that lb is still live on my tumblr and all I had to do was to transcribe evreything, they're +170 image-heavy posts, it took me 8 hours with no breaks.... fearing the P3 liveblog rn...

Tadaah my first liveblog here started! Come and see my adventures with Aiba ^^


Older updates can be read here

Stamps ♡

Do you like rodents? Click here...

💙 Time until Makoto Nendoid arrives 💙

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