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Yukari Takeba
October 19th, 1993
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Gekkoukan High School, Class 2F
Archery, SEES
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Welcome to Yukarichi Ver 2.0 β˜†β˜† ! A digital shrine dedicated to Yukari Takeba from Persona 3!

This shrine is still a major WIP, almost none of the links are done yet! But I'm on a Yukari kick rn, so they most likely will start being filled with content soon ^^

Disclaimer aside... Welcome again! I find Yukari to be one of the best written female characters on the new Persona games but it made me sad she's overly hated, so I wanted to give her a piece on my site (and with luck, make others to appreciate her as well)

This layout is based on her mock-up blog from the Persona 3 Portable fanbook, edited a bit.

About 2.0

My pottery teacher always tell us that if we have been throwing the same piece for more than 15 minutes and we are unable to finish/fix it by then, we have to pick it up, destroy it, go take some fresh air and start it over again.
Even if you dont notice it, you learnt something by making that piece and there's no point in keeping up with it if something went wrong or you're unable to continue, all you will get is frustrated and that energy will transfer to the piece. The best thing you can do is to start fresh with a calm mind and apply what you learnt onto the new one. Pottery also taught me that the most important thing is to be clean and to have a strong ground to support you on

...and that was an unnecessarily long and complicated way to say that I remade this shrine from the ground up because I don't know how to code!
This shrine was the 2nd thing I have ever coded, my first being my site's original layour. I'm surprised I managed to pull it off actually! But the code was very messy and didn't want to behave, so I decided to revamp it since I now after 7 months know 5% more of coding.
Now the code is way cleaner and actually works like intended ^^
This time around I did not want to replicate her blog 100%, I kept the overall design because I wanted people to recognize it, but decided to change colors, fonts, a few small changes and make my own graphics for it. Hopefully you share my views and think it looks better than the original version!

Ver 1.0 is still available here, but only the main layout was finished (has no links). It is way more faithful to the source material.

(btw: my teacher breaks our stuff even if we don't want when we hit the time limit or he considers the piece is not salvageable lol But it's a good technique for some stuff actually!)

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