Name: Michi / Drawcia
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Likes: Bread, animals, figures, videogames, women, my bunny
Disikes: Bugs, heat, working, ugly things
Languages: Spanish, english
Contact: Email, FR, TBT

Who are you?

I go by Michi/Drawcia! Somehow I ended up studying pottery, that's what I'm currently doing. !
I like watching animal documentaries, cooking programs and people customizing their dolls. I don't watch lots of anime, but when I do is your usual cutesy slice of life. I also love videogames! Visual novels, RPGs and rhythm ones are my favorites.
Neocities is my first encounter with personal websites and everyone's creativity inspired me. It was actually that what made me start finding hobbies instead of scrolling all day! I have never done creative stuff so I'm at a loss, but now I'm inspired! I'm very grateful for that

What can I find here?

Since I left social media, this site is now my creative outlet and a place to talk about whatever is on my mind. I'm also using this site to learn a bit of coding, so its content will be mostly whatever motivates me to continue learning! So expect lots of open projects and few finished ones lol. In general, I will write about my favorite games and cute stuff I find around.
I also have lots of trouble expressing my thoughts and socialising, so this site is helping me with that! Even if it's just rambling about characters I like, at least I'm finally practising to talk/write and I'm having fun on top of that!

Even though Baguette's content is 80% to cater to me, I hope you enjoy your visit here!

Layout archive

October 2021
The start of it all! Site named ''kitty-kitty land''

February 2022

Added pics on the bg, more info on index page, very minor tweaks.

May 2022

Comlete redesign in celebration of the makoto nendoroid. Site is now named 'baguette'