Name: Michi / Drawcia
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Likes: Bread, cute animals, cute clothes, cute items
Disikes: Bugs, heat, working, ugly things
Languages: Spanish, english
Playing: Persona, NEO: TWEWY, ACGC + ACNL, PKMN Leaf Green

Why are you on Neocities?

I have been curious about coding thanks to Tumblr themes but I never brothered to learn it until now. In september 2021 I remembered my about here and out of curiosity I checked the other sites and I was amazed by all the websites and everyone's creativity. This is my first experience with personal websites and I found the concept so cute that I wanted to have my little home too, specially since I barely can stand the current social medias.

What can I find here?

Honestly? I dont know either, lol. I'm using this site to learn coding with baby steps, so I will most likely mess around here and there. I'm passionate about cute things, so I'm thinking about writting about cute things & brands I find. Oh also I want to make lots of shrines!! I love talking about my favorite characters & I think every shrine having a different layout will be a good coding exercise.