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Mitzy and Gayle from Pixel Friends, they're two of my initials villagers from ACWW and ACNL respectively.
Welcome to my little Animal Crossing blog! Here you will find info and screenshots of my different towns, along useful stuff like QRs I have made and other people's useful tools and info ^^
I started playing Animal Crossing back in 2005 with Wild World, on a town I shared with my sister she named Otakuland. Since I was just 5 years old back then my memory of it is fuzzy, but I remember I played it daily after school while I waited my mom to pick me from my grandma's house. That town didn't last long, but in 2009 I was gifted ACCF and that's when my love for Animal Crossing really started, to the point I decide which consoles to buy depending on if they released a mainline AC game on it or not :'p

You can also find me on The Bell Tree forums as Michito.
Page is still under construction!

☝ A drawing of Lolly I made, I was trying to cope because she moved in and destroyed a giant mural I was making instead of placing her home in a empty space lol But she's still one of my favorite villagers and is currently living on my ACNH island ^^