Where to find me

Tumblr - Personal, pastel & fandom blog. Very talktive over here
Twitter - Mostly retweets, I barely talk. It's locked, but anyone can follow! I just dont want to scare artists when I mass-rt them.
Aigis bot - Twitter bot that bless yout timeline with aigis pics hourly

Coding sites

HTML Dog - I'm learning how to code thanks to this!
w3schools - I look up this site very often because its interactive!
Dynamicdrive - Has some cool scrips

Graphics & art

Settei Dreams


Complete Photoshop CS6, no install needed!
Safest way to download audio & videos from youtube (desktop-only)
bring back anotations in YT (useful for old videos)
Listen to Animal Crossing hourly songs in real-time
Make silly pokemon fusions
That one anime dress-up game for XP, still works on w10!
Color palettes
Put ugly glitter gif on your photos
Porcelain cats :)

Video Games

Download almost every game ost & official albums
Flipnote studio for windows
ACNL + ACNH pattern auto maker
Script to download games from Emuparadise
General ROM megathread
3ds homebrew
Play gba in 3ds
decryp .3ds & .cia files
convert decryped .3ds to .cia file