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Coding sites

Dynamicdrive Has some cools scrips
HTML Dog Where I learnt my first things about coding!
w3schools I look up this site super often, it's interactive and has a TON of tutorials
Brackets The code editor I use, lets you preview real-time and has lots of useful options.
Hover.css Free hover effects
csslayout Free layouts for different things, buttons and such made with css
Old website with free layouts & assets
fontcity Free fonts to use in websites
TONS of free layouts

Graphics & art

Cute different materials: icons, backgrounds, cursors, navi icons...
Mostly fairy-tale and dessert materials
Food, daily items and magical materials
Pixel-dreams Tumblr with materials from different sites
Cutekawaiiresources Wordpress blog with lots of materials from different sites
Glitter-graphics Tons of early 2000ss graphics
Pixel-shop Tumblr with materials from different sites, very neatly organized
Spriters-resource Sprite rips from almost every videogame ever
Pausedlife Cute materials, not pastel-ish
Settei Dreams Scans of anime model sheets and other production material
DGS/TGAA Media artchive My collection of The Great Ace Attorney official merch, art and other assets.
Persona artbook archive Collection of Persona artbooks and guides I have found.
Dafont Tons of free fonts for download
Colourlovers Color palettes
PS CS6 Free complete Photoshop CS6, no install needed (crack by emiliapastel on tumblr)
Unsplash Free/open photographies
Pixabay Free/open photographies and ilustrations/vectors
Pattern cooler Lots of seamless backgrounds
Photomost Add lots of diferent glitch and distord effects to pictures and videos
Glitterphoto Put ugly glitter gif on your photos
Picmix Blingee... 2!
Saucenao Reverse image search for at sites & boards
Waifu2x Upscale your images without losing quality. Booru.pics (the one I linked) works the best for me, but there are also other instances
Pixelcanvas Amazing online collaborative pixel art (but beware of nasty stuff since anyone can draw)
Dither me this Very complete online dittering tool


Virustotal Check if any url or one of your files got a virus
Flvretriever Safest way to download audio & videos from youtube (desktop-only)
Freetubeapp Private youtube client
AnnotationsRestored Display again anotations in Youtube vids (useful for old videos)
Sakura.ne That one anime dress-up game for XP, still works on Windows10!
Zoro Site I use to watch anime. It has no ads & lets you download the videos too.
tane.us/ac Listen to Animal Crossing hourly songs in real-time
downloads.khinsider Download almost every game ost & official albums MP3 and FLAC
Aigis bot My twitter bot that bless yout timeline with aigis (and her sisters!) pics hourly. I talk about her and rt things too
ChipTone Make short sound effects from your browser! Super fun to mess with.
404pagefound Collection of old websites that are still up
Internet bumper stickers Collection of bumper stickers
Marginalia Search engine that priorizes personal sites and similar
Wiby Old web search engine. Has a 'surprise me' button too!
FraidyCat Follow any kind of acc (personal sites, social medias, wikis...)

Video Games

Clipnote Flipnote Studio for windows
Acpatters ACNL + ACNH pattern auto maker
Emuparadise scrip Script that lets you download games from Emuparadise again
Backloggery Keep track of your games, completion & make wishlists
ROM megathread Reddit's general ROM megathread
hshop 3DS games (+ dlc, vc & dsiware)
3ds.hacks.guide Easy guide to homebrew your 3DS
GBA injector Play GBA games in your 3DS
Batch CIA/3DS decryptor Decryp .3ds & .cia files
.3DS to .CIA Convert decryped .3ds files to .cia