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A little page for my merch collection 💗 I don't have a work yet, so I can get... 1-2 figures per year using my schoolarship money lmao, but they're so cute and I accidentally started a collection...
This will be divided on figures, DGS/TGAA merch and Kirby merch. Will make a persona section when I get more stuff.
I get 90% of stuff from japanese 2nd hand shops, I buy thru a proxy


Lucas amiibo
  • Obtained: Sept. 6th (2016?)
  • My friend bought me it for my bday 💛 Mother3 was my favorite game when I was little
Isabelle amiibo
  • Obtained: Dec. 29th 2018
  • Saw it on gamestop 2nd hand for $5, so I bought her
Aigis parfom
  • Obtained: Aug. 25th 2021
  • The start of it all... Almost lost her twice during shipping, but luckly it was resolved. Came with a scrach on her headset and a broke hair spike, but it's easy to hide :'p My favorite figure so far, she's so cute! I wish they made more parfoms... currently looking for the Labrys ones so Aigis isn't alone
Aigis P4U prize figure
  • Obtained: Jan. 6th 2022
  • I was buying my sister a nendoroid and saw her for super cheap, so I added her to the cart too. Sadly she came without her box, has tons of sraches and isn't on the best state, but for the price I got her I can't really complain. She looks real cute far away and I like puting other figures sitting on her lap hehe
Makoto Nendoroid
  • Obtained: On preorder
  • He's comiiiing!!! My fisrt nendoroid! I can't believe I will have chibi aikoto on my desk on just a few months... I bought him little dolls clothes :) But due to the lack of faceplates, I will have to look up a smiling one...
    I hope they reprint Aigis next year (I'm so surprised they didn't release both of them together, specially since they're a beloved couple & Aigis hasn't had a single reprint, just her original run from 2014)
Nozomi Figma
  • Obtained: Oct. 26 2021
  • They opened a figure & manga shop near where I study, and they had a bunch of LL merch! Ended up getting a figma of my 2nd best girl (my fave is Yohane, but Nozomi was my og and I still love her lots). I have always wanted a figma and was so excited when I saw it was just a bit over her $30 release price (why are figmas +$70 nowaydays? 😭😭)
Shiki prize figure
  • Obtained: March 3th 2022
  • Why did it took them almost a whole year to ship a price fig? Anyways, my initial plan was to buy her along with Rhyme (my fave from the og cast) and the life-sized Mr. Mew, but had complications and only ended up with her. Overpriced thanks to the shipping, but I really wanted to support the game. Regarless, she looks super cute and I love how Mr. Mew hangs on her arm.

DGS merch

Feb. 3th 2020

DGS 1 artbook, DGS 2 artbook
They were still in-stock from the last print in 2018. Ended up grabbing the last DGS1 book they printed :'p
Sept. 15 2020

Graffart Susato, Asougi & Iris acrylic charms. Graffart Iris acrylic stand. Bkdanikebukuro Susato acrylic stand. Graffart Susato badge
Jan. 8th 2021

Attraction Festa Susato xmas acrylic charm. Fuwaponi Vol 3. Susato acrylic charm & badge
Oct. 30 2021

Fanmade Iris + Sherlock & Susato + Haori wood charms
Sorry for poor quality pics! I will take better ones when I can (the sparkles are because they're inside a ita bag). Unfortunately I don't know the artist, my sister got these for me.
March 9th 2022

Fanmade Iris, Susato, Gina and Haori wood charms + print.
Artist: Qosic

Kirby Merch

Kirby plush (gamstop? it was a gift) [2013]
Tsumu-tsumu kirby figures [jan. 6th 2017]
Meta Knight desktop helpers [2018]
Cherry blossom Kirby plushes [jan. 6th 2019]
Bon Voyage plush, Kirby Cafe acrylic stand, Dreamy Gear pocketwatch [jan. 8th 2021]
Also shoutout to my yohane charm, shes cute.