New Horizons

Since I dont have online, you will have to make these designs manually, I'm sorry!
Persona 3 MC Yukari Chidori Akane
Clover Ryuunosuke Asougi Susato
Gina Sherlock DLC Ryuu DLC Susato DLC
Iris Iris Festival Maria Yuujin
Prosecutor Ryuutarou

New Leaf

Ace Attorney-only so far because I was suuuper into it in 2016-18. Since some of them are old, excuse the... weird names a few got, I changed my mayor's name via hack and it made me not able to edit my patters.

I stared to play ACNL again, so expect more designs! Mostly persona ones I think

Junie Athena Jinxie Geiru
Talassa Ema Franzisca Trucy
Susato Iris