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Mitzy and Gayle from Pixel Friends, they're two of my initials villagers from ACWW and ACNL respectively.

Town Overview

About the town

A town I play on streaks, sometimes I play every day for a week and then forget for months, I think I still haven't played a full spring or summer! :'p
ACGC is a game I have always wanted to play, it was the only Animal Crossing game I had left and I heard lots of good things about it, so in October 2020 I finally decided to make Dolphin work on my laptop and play it! The town was named by my sister, I wanted a fall-themed name since I started it in October but I couldn't think of any. Both the town and characters' names are spelled all in undercase because I didn't know how to change it on the emulator...

The town doesn't have a particular theme, around my house there are pink and red flowers, meanwhile the rest of the town is filled with flowers of different colors, I border the houses and ground patches with them.
The villagers are constantly changing, in this game you can't keep someone from moving; one day you wake up and receive a letter from one of your villagers telling you they're not in the town anymore and that's all. For some reason most of my initial villagers, the ones I listed on the town overview, REFUSE to move out (which is nice because I love Carmen & Cookie, they even live next to me! But Rizzo.. I'm BEGGING you to move out), meanwhile all the others stay in my town for like... 4 days max lmao. It seems a few of them are here to stay tho, like Eloise and Liz.
The game itself is very fun! The villager convos are super funny, the events are very different from newer games and there's LOTS of little things that didn't return (like writing in your diary). Everything feels like a town in the middle of nowhere, it's distant and cozy at the same. If you prefer the social & gameplay aspect of AC rather than the decorating one, you should try it! ACGC has a completely different vibe than the other games.


Main floor

Upstairs & my 2nd character's house


My 1st day in town... my poor character was done already, but luckily the upcoming days were nicer
The over-dramatic pond (I didn't plant enough flowers on that acre)

My first fishing tourney! I was surprised to see 3 NPCs showing up at once the same day, it never happened to me before
My first Christmas! Wisp also happened to visit, so I had to collect spirits while I looked for Jingle too!
New Year 2021! Sadly that year wasn't good, but this event always makes me happy and excited for the upcoming times.
Cozy + my first and only money tree! Outside ACNH (you get money trees guaranteed on it) I have never been able to grow a money tree! I still haven't shaken it.... It's next to Nosegay's house, which I find kinda fitting because her house is a museum
PINK!!! Why can't they bring this event back? It's so cute, I love seeing all of my villagers eating together..! Also ACGC is the only game where ALL trees turn pink, including fruit ones! There's not a single green tree! I wish that was kept on newer games too

Sports fair! Even though you can't participate, it's fun to watch the villagers playing ^^ I'm happy they brought back the stretching exercises in ACNH!

Summer's vibes~ Redd came to sell sparklers, Eloise gave me an eye check, and Gracie finally thought I clean fast enough. I also got very tan during August.

...and autumn's vibes! Harvest moon + thanksgiving. I love that event here, you have to steal the cutlery!

The last days of 2021. I build a snowman for the first time ^^ I never manage to find both snowballs in this game...
The mayor took a vacation, so I was in charge of the lighthouse! Also I finished paying off my loan~