1st town

  • Town Name: Otakuland
  • Created on: 2005
  • Fruit: Apple
  • Original Villagers:
  • Later move-ins:
My first AC town! My sister named it. I talked about it a bit on the homepage, but yeah since I was little I don't remember much about it. Since my sister is the older one I couldn't do anything in the town without asking her first, I was so excited when we paid the loan for the 3rd house room because my sister 'gifted' me it and I was finally free to decorate as I wanted lol

I made that room lawn-themed, with the grass-like floor and a rubber pool. I don't remember what the upstairs room looked like, but the main floor was mostly filled with the modern series furniture. The town wasn't decorated at all, I only planted a bunch of flowers at the left side of the house. Oh, and we never paid off the loan.

I forgot how the town map was like, but I think it was divided on 2 almost perfect halves (everyday I would remove the weeds on the right side, and my sister the other), the town hall was on the right side near the complete north, just with 2 houses between it and the town limit. My house was on the left side, near Camofrog and the river.

We didn't have shampoddle, so my character looked like the one on the left & my sister like the on the right) and I hated that hair guts lmao
My sister managed to change her hair because one of her friends had the last Nook upgrade. Actually, thanks to this game I found out hair could be dyed irl too and ever since I have been wanting to dye my hair pastel blue (and I did in 2020! Only took 15 years... well, I dyed it in hot pink instead. Times change.)

Fn facts about the villagers:
My sister favorite villager was Camofrog, and mine was Friga. When Friga moved out and Rhoda replaced her I hold a grudge agaisnt her because I thought she was copying Friga (same house spot & home decoration).
I used to think Mitzy was Rosie's little sister because they lived next to eachother.
Tipper's spanish name is 'Pinta' which also means '(she/he/it) paint', and sicne I was little I thought that meant it was a house with a drawing minigame or something. I was very dissapointed when I saw a cow.
I was kind of scared of Rodeo and disliked him, but then I had him as initial villager in ACCF and it made me love him ^^
Apollo was one of my best friends and was the only one who remembered my birthdays.
My sister liked Moe but I thought he was ugly so I always hit him with nets. But after a while I felt bad about it and befriended him.
Walker was the very last villager to move onto the town.


After... 1-2 years I got tired of the town, I asked my sister if I could remake it and she said yes and then changed her mind right after, but too late since I already had pressed the demolish button. I already had an experience accidentally deleting my sister's save files, so I panicked and hid the game for around.... 5 years lol

2nd town

  • Town Name: Winters
  • Created on: ~2013
  • Fruit: Pear
  • Villagers:
Town map drawn by me, I found an old pic of it but its quality was terrible and it had a photobucket watermark, so I drew over it :'p

Story: Years after the deleting incident a friend invited me over for a sleepover, and a girl said she was gonna bring her DS with ACWW. I had never played AC with someone so I was so excited that I "found" the ACWW card (I just retrieved it from the place I hid it on) to take it here. In the end, that girl forgot the game and the sleepover kind of sucked (for reasons other than the game :'p) but at least Winters was born and I could play ACWW once again!! And in a town just for me!

Players: Even though I spent the most time in this town, I forgot almost everything except for a few villagers.
Both the town's and my characters' names (Winters, Tony & Jeff) are a reference to MOTHER 2/Earthbound, I was SUPER into it during 2009-2013. MOTHER 3 is my favorite, but Tony was the 1st gay character I had ever seen and it stuck on me, I wanted him to live with his crush on my game at least :'p

And talking about the house, this time around I paid off all my loan for the first time on ACWW! My method was to hit the money rock every day, it took me around 4 months iirc. To get more money daily, I also made 2 new characters (Paula and myself). In this town I also shot my first UFO!

TownAnd for once, the town was decorated! I killed my poor eyes making paths for the town and I planted a bunch of flowers. Actually, the fact that I spent so much effort on this town was the reason for its decay: my DS died while I was playing ACWW with a friend, she lent me hers and turns out her console's date was wrong, which killed all the flowers I had grown. This made me very angry and discouraged me to continue playing, I had lost so many hybrids...! So instead of planting new flowers like a sane person, I deleted the whole town altogether to start over. I kind of miss this town, the paths turned out so pretty and the villagers houses where in nice positions, but I also love my new ACWW town ^^

3rd town

  • Town Name: Blush
  • Created on: April 10th 2020
  • Fruit: Orange
  • Current Villagers:
  • Past Villagers:
My new and shiny home! Between this one and Winters I had a few more towns, but they barely lasted and I don't even remember them.
It was 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, everyone but me was playing ACNH (I had bought it + my switch by then, but I decided to not open them until I finished my grad project) and I was jealous, so I undusted my fav AC game!

The town is named Blush because I wanted a spring-themed name, so I thought of cherry blossoms and the couples under them. I pretty much speedrunned this town, I managed to get the perfect town rating in just 2 weeks (on april 27th)!
I managed to pay off the full loan on this town too! All the trees I planted were fruit ones, so every day I would take all the fruit of 1 half of the town and sell it. I think I made 200k every day?
Since this town is still kicking, here's a town tour with crappy phone pics!.

My main character! Both her & the other residents are named after DGS/TGAA characters (and I ship all 3 of them together). Their appearance isn't based on their namesakes tho.

My house & the main room! I love how tacky the lovely series look (I'm still missing the tiny table tho...) and the bad graphics of ACWW just make it even more of an cutesy eyesore, I love it ^^

The side rooms! Elegant & japanese

Upstairs and back room! They're (still unfinished) Le Blanc from Persona 5 and a playground

I'm slowly making paths for this town too... (they're copied) Making complex stuff on this game hurts my eyes, I dunno how I managed to finish the paths in my other town. Blush's town flag is a Usato I drew :)

The town itself is full of trees with flowers boarding everything. That's how I got the perfect town rating so easily! Just plant all the trees you can on the grass areas and add some flowers, I got that ratting accidentally, that's how easy this method is.

Assorted screenshots I had saved. Freckles used to be my bestie in this town, but she moved out :( I even made her a design and put it where her house used to be along with flowers, it looks like a grave now lmao
Now my current bestie is Melba, but she's more like my mean psychiatrist (love that of her xD). Except for Boone, who moved from my friend's town (and packed embarrassing letters with him) and refuses to leave, I love my current villagers! So many old faces..