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Mitzy and Gayle from Pixel Friends, they're two of my initials villagers from ACWW and ACNL respectively.

Town Overview

Town map based on what I remember. ACCF only accepts 1-2gb cards and we had none, so we (my sister and I. But mostly me tbh, my sister was sane I was 9.) spent all day taking pics to the TV screen lol. We didn’t take any of the town map tho...
Coffee was my 2nd AC town, but I kind of consider it my 1st since I barely played ACWW due to the incident (tm) and I spent SO MUCH time playing ACFC. This one is probably the one I got most memories in (even tho I’m pretty sure I got more hours on ACNL than on this one)

Around town

Sadly, I don’t have any pics on my laptop, so all of this will all be written.
My character during 70% of the game had the ponytail hairstyle in light blue and wore a light blue sailor uniform my sister made. After a while, I changed into the full musketeer outfit with the simple long hair in light blue again. Pretty sure she had the face on the right, but I’m not 100% sure.
If I’m honest, I don't remember anything about my house lmao; I **think** I had a collection of either the princess set or Gracie set. I do remember I had a peach tree next to my house tho, Eloise gifted me that peach and I wanted to keep it. My sister... I think she had UFOs and rattan items in her house. My cousin barely played, so his house only had 1 expansion and barely had furniture; same as my secondary player, which I made just because I wanted the sparky eyes face and because I disliked seeing that house empty.

The town itself was pretty simple, I was way more focused on the events and other activities (specially fishing) rather than on decoration. We used the simple dirt path Wendell gave you to connect the houses, and then an asphalt design my sister made in front of the gate so the bus would ride on it (it looked cute). Aside from that we barely did anything, my sister had a little garden behind her house using the mario brick design as flower beds, I was trying to breed flowers, so I had a bunch of flowers behind my house too. I think I wanted to make a mural on the space between Octavian's house and the clift, but I don't remember of what.

^ The bad boy all over my town ^

The villagers

Rodeo was one of my initial villagers on ACWW too, but for some reason I disliked him back then. On City Folk though? I loved him and he's currently one of my favourite villagers ^^ He's just a little boy
Margie : My neighbour! I thought she was soo cute and became my bestie, and after I watched the AC movie I loved her even more. Sadly she moved away after a bit and Goldie replaced her, same personality and on the same spot. Surprisingly, I ended up liking her lots too.
Cyrano: He was the grumpy grandpa of the town, kind of married to Harry. They both would play lawn bowling together and drink coffee.
Goose: The overly-friendly athletic, obsessed with muscles I want him to meet akihiko persona3. He lived next to Cyrano and accidentally would annoy him due to their different personalities.
Poppy: My favourite villager along with Muffy!! She stayed for a short time and moved out without telling, 9yo me cried LOTS. Peggy replaced her, which made me hold a grudge against her I still hold today. Later, Lucy moved in her place. All 3 of them moved in the same spot of the town btw.
Bella: I thought she looked weird at first, but after seeing more of her facial expressions I got attached to her.
Mallary: The middle-aged woman. After a long time, she moved out and Pango, Cyrano's prep little cousin, moved in.
Dotty: My cousin had a crush on her for some reason lol. When she moved out, Amanda replaced her (and my cousin got a crush on her too).
Octavian: This one didn't have lore, but I thought he was really cool.

The decay :(

Sadly, I didn’t learn my lesson with ACWW and deleted my original ACCF town too... regretted it after awhile and still regret it 😔, and ever since i haven’t had an ACCF for more than a month. I’m now on a cycle of starting a new town, pay for 2 days, forget about it, repeat.

I think the ones I kept for the longest was Coffee 2 (lol), which lasted around a year or so. But I don’t like playing with the Wii much thanks to having to buy batteries + my nunchuck is broken, so I’m never able to get back into it.