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I used to draw during 2010-2015, but then I stoped. But now I want to start again! So I'm currently on a quest of learning how to draw again ^^
(because... i want to draw aikoto.. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ)

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August - September

Software: Clip Studio Paint PRO
Tablet: Wacom Intuos S
Canvas: 5100x4800, 200dpi
Brushes: I made my own, but I can't upload it because the brush tip isn't mine, sorry :(


[Original image] Yeah, I don't feel like drawing today. Again. My chest feels weird for some reason, also I forgot to eat, so my hands are kinda weak rn F.
Anyways, here are the stats for August!
Days this month: 27 (I started this "challenge" on august 4th)
Days I drew: 23
Non-doodles: 16 -ish
Lazy days: 11
Considering I worked at 4 drawing per... year! before, I'm pretty proud of this ^^ I didn't learn that much of drawing itself tbh, but at least I now have a semi-routine and I'm a bit more comfortable with my drawing tablet, also I lost my fear of drawing while at home a bit!
...well considering that, I guess I actually DID learn something... This is the birth of a new me, finally I will be able to draw my little pixels kissing

Maybe in september I will start with figure drawing or something? Or simple anatomy.... I got a pdf one of my art teachers (one of the few good men ever btw) gave me a few years back about figure drawings, maybe it's finally time to put it onto practice


Just a little baguette for the warning splash for michitter. Yeah this place has a cw now lol.
She has seen the horrors of the internet...


[Original photo]
Another phone doodle, I was out today. She doesn't have eyes because no matter how I tried to draw them, she looked like a bad how to draw manga characters.
May draw more sonico or finish this one another day... drawing boobs is fun


[Original photo]
Oops, skipped another day... At least I'm drawing semi-consistently ig, but I'm back at being a bit scared of drawing while others are around @.@ My sister asked me if I had drawn anything lately (out of curiosity, since she saw me using my tablet a few days) and ever since I have been a bit scared, the ordeal of being known.....

Anyways, I drew this cute mascot! I didn't feel like painting, so I picked something cute but still human-ish to keep practicing. When compared with the original photo, it's clear she's off, but without it she looks kind of cute!
I disliked how she was turning out, but I kept drawing until I liked it more or less... Still pretty messy because my brain always turns off after drawing more an hour, but at least I started to render a bit more when using colors, that's an improvement ^^


After a full morning of writting, coding and making PNGs for the Chi shrine, I didn't feel like drawing, but I don't want to skip any more days!
So here's a doodle of the Mew plush sitting on my desk. Babygirl is having a weird day, don't look too close.

"Doddle whatever the first thing you see on your desk" is good when you don't know what to draw. And I have lots of stuff around, so I won't run out soon. Actually, that ugly chef kirby from 2 days ago is also kind of based on the kirby cafe stand I got on my desk too lol
Also this way of sketching is pretty fast and fun (used it on cure whip too), I need to find a way to turn them onto more rendered drawings... Tho making the colors, draw the lines over it & then erase them a bit looks ok too (the baguette drawing was made like that)


Ok time to start dong what I feared the most.... drawing humans! Started with cure whip because she’s simple and cute :)

This is actually not the first time I try to practice them, my fist attempt was re-drawing love live cards (here’s my last & 1st attempts) in... 2020 I think, but since I drew them for myself, I stooped at the 4th day lmao
They’re super wonky, but I remembered them looking worse lol It was short, but they did help me to get over my fear a bit tho, and that’s what matters! My main problems is the face in general; hair, eyes, shape, neck.... it’s all new and very confusing

It’s just a doodle, but I think cure whip turned out a bit better (the proportions seem closer to the ref pic), I def think the paintery style I’m trying out will help me to improve faster, specially when it comes to hair ^^ I’m way more motivated now, I think I this time around I will be able to learn! πŸ”₯😀πŸ’ͺ
I actually feel like finishing it...


A kirby I drew in... 7 minutes lol During most weekdays, I'm going to the beach and spent all afternoon there, so I don't have time to check forums/site, update my site AND draw, specially since I like to spent night screen-free now πŸ˜… I can do 1 & half daily...
Also I'm still having problems with the brush, it doesnt blend the way I want to >.< the colors look posterized rather than mixed....


The tiny dinosaur plush sitting on my desk~ (+ an alt version because this color map looked cute)
I originally bought it for a friend, but it was so cute I ended up taking it (isn't like she wants to see me anyways... we are in good terms, but let's just say that her friends aren't her first priority)


Ok, here's an actual Raichu drawing :) They're so fat and cute, she's so real for that
Raichu reminds me of Hamtaro for some reason, so she's holding a sunflower seed.
Edit: Oh, just realized the ears' shape is wrong :_3 The anime screenshot I was using as a ref for how raichu looks made the ears look kind like half moons
I think... I should make a raichu shrine, I need to spread awareness of her cuteness
Color aside (give her deep orange color back!!), she's one of the few pokemon whose 3D model made it more adorable, look at her!! She looks ready to give you an hug, and looks way more mouse-like and squisher


I went out today (I ate a huge crepe! with strawberries!), so I didn't have time for drawing. My phone started to lag after I drew just the orange color lmao
I will make an actual raichu drawing tomorrow, they're too cute


Kirby!!!! I haven't drawn him in sooo long, I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to just draw a circle with a =) face.
My mom bought me this plushie for my birthday! She also bought me the 9th vol of the Persona 3 manga (the one where Aigis confesses to Makoto), I had no idea they licensed it where I live! Actually, they did it last year lmao they were waiting for me to play P3 to release it.
(Of course, I can't actually open the gifts until next month... I can't wait until then..!)
I also drew (well, colored) something more today, I will put under the cut since it's not actually my drawing
Open, meow This is my entry for the TBT Forum colouring game ^^
Colouring it was a trip. I thought of using CSP's auto-colouring feature to make the base and then colour over it to make it pop. I disliked how the auto-coloring turned out, so I started to blend the colors I used for the guide (which were random splatters). I think I then duplicated the AI colors & set it to multiply, then I merged both & the blended colors.
On top, I made a new layer and started to color over everything with my usual brush, but blending with another one instead (the one I used for the color blobs, it has scratchy textures). Then, I just started to duplicate. merging & adding layers effects lol
The ending touch was to merge everything, duplicate it, give it a holographic gradation map & set it to.... light overlay I think it was?

It took me... 1 hour & half-2 hours? And all for it to look bad because idk how to color lineart lmao But at least I learnt stuff & I think the colors are ok ^^

What I learnt with this is:
  • Messy coloring & lineart don't get along
  • I rushed this, I need to learn that things can & should (sometimes) take more than an hour to complete
  • One of the gradation maps I got makes really cool effects when put over the original colors with a layer mode (experiment with that)
For the next game, I will try to be more patient and color more precisely, without rushing ^^ There are TONS of uncolored spots and bleeding if you zoom in, which look fine with my style, but not in a clean line art one.
I wonder if they will let me draw over the lineart to paint like I usually do. They say small modifications are ok, but I dunno if redrawing them is ok... I want my 2 leaf tickets.....


Just an effortless drawing for today, I wanted to try lines again. My problems with lineart are:
  • I find very hard to draw lines the way I want with a blind tablet (probably because its position?), I only can draw lines directly on the paper/screen. The way I move my hand and how the line gets drawn is different.
  • Idk how to apply pressure, so the lines end up with the same width and it looks plain.
  • I dunno, it just looks bland
  • I find harder to change mistakes, with lineless, I just paint over, with lineart I have to be more precise, connect the lines, color again...

I changed my lineart pen's pressure curves so even if I always apply the same, it will still change its sice. It doesn't fully work, but it's better than before. I also think maybe my drawings need thicker lines? Since theyre pretty simple and all....? This one used the same pen, but the canvas is 1500px instead of 5000px so it looks thicker.
I actually liked drawing this one, it was fun. I prefer how the pait-ish style looks, but it's good to know if I keep tweaking this pen, maybe I can do lineart from time to time.

This was my pressure setting, it isn't 100% like how I want it (just noticed the "random" check, maybe that's what I'm looking for?), but it's better than "normal" curves


Another fast drawing, I don't feel like doing stuff lately... But I gotta keep moving 😀


I can't believe August is almost gone already...
I'm too lazy to finish it, but here's my first MLP drawing since... 2012 i think. I used to love mkaing every character even onto a pony.
Drew everything from memory, I'm surprised I got her mostly right.
My fave was Applejack tho, but Fluttershy was my 2nd fave. I think I only watched the 1st & 2nd sessons tho, with bad subs on youtube... it got dubbed where I live shortly after tho.


First of all... yep I broke the chain for 2 days πŸ’”πŸ’” I wasn't able to draw (or do anything in general tbh) because we are having an extreme heatwave, and all I got to battle it is a manual fan :'( It's still very hot, but at least I can stand it a bit...

Now for the news, I finally decided on how my mascot will look like! :D Since it's such a simple design, I'm sure there are like 33408 OCs like her around there, but do I care? Nope! πŸ’•

The final design happened on an accident lmao I wanted to continue thinking about her, so I started with a simple face because I was gonna mostly focus on her hair and clothing.
I wanted to go full furry, but due to my lack of skills, I wasn't able to draw the body. I tried to draw her hair, but I didn't know how to draw it either and didn't give me the quirky energy she has anyways.
So I only had the head and fluffy tail, without markings... I slapped them together, drew a triangle and then remembered I thought of making her a bengal tiger instead of a striped cat, so I gave her a few marks here and there, eyelashes & this was the result! I found it too cute lol and easy enough I can draw her well.

She's actually an OC I made when I was 12yo, originally named Cream. She is like the only one of my OCs I care about, so I picked her as my mascot.This is how she looked like in 2012. I don't have any pics of my art back then, so I tried to recreate it... Imagine this but drawn with cheap markers:

Yep, I barely changed anything outside markings and proportions, but don't change what isn't broken, right? When I learn how to draw better I still want to give her a non-chibi form tho, I find them very cute and I want to give her pretty dresses and stuff ^^


I saw this image and I just HAD to redraw it, it was a primal instinct.
me & who


Yay, I managed to mantain the streak for a week!! Yeah, only... 3? of these days were drawings with more effort, but at least I'm finally undusting my tablet~! Last time I tried to do this I only managed 3 days, moving it to here instead of keeping it for myself was a god choice~ If I manage to continue, I'm excited to see how will I improve =^^=

Today's is unfinished; tt's pretty late already, so I'm not able to draw more, I need to rest my eyes.
Anyways, I'm continuing the AC screenshots redraws ^^ I found it cute to paint scenes from my towns, like how old people did on their daily lifes since there weren't cameras around. The ACNH one wasn't my screenshot, but I got Marshal on my town & pansies are my native flower, so it can pass as one~

I will continue it tomorrow. I also edited the brush once again & I'm liking this one, I wonder if it will be the final one... πŸ€”
Unrelated, but today my mom ordered a strawberry milkshake and it tasted terrible & looked nothing like the menu pic >:( I will never forgive whoever made it... and after we had to wait lots too..!


My eye still hurts & its red, but it's better than yesterday... I went to the beach tho, there were some small waves, so it was fun ^^
Since my eye is still wonky, today was a low effott drawing too. Ugh, I hate doing lineart, I'm as shaky as a grandma & it never turns interesting anyways... it sucks because this watercolor brush is SO FUN but I almost never use it because my lineart problem F
This is a re-draw of squirtle's blue sprite btw, I have always found it soo cute, I was so close to not evolve my squirtle because it lol


Today just another doodle on a napkin.
Just doodled it on my notes app... my fingers are too big to do anything on it lol.
Anyways, my eye has been hurting again :\ last time it lasted a week, i hope it goes away sooner this time around (i dont spend as much time looking at screens as before, so idk why it happens. maybe its just strain, since i lost my other eye, now this one has to do all the work...)


Ugh, doomscrolled this afternoon, so I don't feel like drawing =.= but I have to keep it going..!
Yesterday I found this fursuit and fell in love! I want to make an actual drawing of her someday soon...
I'm still fighting with the brush tho, I don't feel comfortable with it. Also the black/white thing I did with Ninetales only worked on it, I have to use very bright colors & i can't put whites (the base grey is the most light color i get)... I will keep experimenting..
Marshal wasn't very troublesome, but painting with grey & then coloring gives me more freedom, i hate having to change colors (i mix on the drawing itself & colorpick shades) + it's easier to erase stuff
(after editing its colors, it looks a bit more presentable...)


A redraw of this screenshot for today. Did it on colors directly this time, but I was too lazy to render it more (I'm fine dong details when drawing traditionally, but for some reason my hand refuses to when I draw digitally). Also made a brush that is a bit better than yesterday's, but I'm not convinced yet u.u At least Marshal turned out cute
I also drew that pixel Marshal... looks like I'm only good at pixelart when it comes to clothes in AC lmao


Wow the "doodle on a napkin" stage of this page happened earlier than expected lol
Today I finally continued the main text for my Aikoto shrine, so since I have lots of trouble expressing myself, it took me the whole day (I got 1.6k words so far btw! I think it's the longest thing I have written ^^)

Also on the topic of the deleted brush... I downloaded a bunch of brushes, but no one drew or blended like I wanted. I tweaked one of the brushes I already had & it seems to be a bit similar; but it's not the same @.@ At least I'm nearer... I will continue tomorrow.


And the first drawing is... Ninetales! A very pretty pokemon, has a simple design & just one color, so I thought it was perfect to start ^^ Redraw of her Yellow sprite
I drew it without zooming in & on one layer~ But something funny happened: while I was midway I wondered if I could color it if I made it black/white instead of yellow & applied colors on another layer. I tried it, it worked and... I liked it more than the original drawing lmao
So even if the rendering isn't finished I like it, so I consider it done~
When I zoomed in, I found the strokes pretty (even if this pic is Compressed to 126 colors with little dittering lol)
I found this way of painting very fun! I simply drew the sketch and started to apply colors over it. You can remove & add things as you go without worrying, and then add color on another layer! I have always hated my lineart & admired lineless styles, so I think I finally found a good track to follow?
This was the original drawing, before coloring over it.

WAIT NO A TRAGEDY HAPPENED WHILE I WAS CHECKING MY SETTINGS... I accidentally deleted the custom brush I used for this & it's the only brush I can draw with 😭😭 I will try to recreate it, if I made it once I can do it twice I hope...

My nyart @ham-ham
So because one thing & another, I'm scared of drawing at home (that's why I stopped drawing on 2015, when I finished obligatory school, since that's where I used to draw in) & to draw badly, but after many attempts during the past years, I'm finally determined to get better!!!! 😀 I focused July on sewing, to August must be drawing..!

During these few years, I thought that drawing just for myself without posting on social media would help because I wasn't oblied to draw well, I could be free and make as many mistakes as I wanted. But without attention of some sort I dont get motivated to draw, but then I realised Neocities is perfect for that! I post stuff online, they dont get likes since its a website, but I get their placebo effect anyways lol
So I will try to post something everyday, even if it's just a 5 minute doodle!

I thought about starting simple, the first thing is to get over my fears so I will do re-draws of pokemon & similar, since that's what I used to draw + so i don't have to think of poses or lighting.
Then, I will move to humans...! I have never drawn them, so I'm pretty scared @.@ I think I will start by copying anime figures, since I find them very fun & even if they're unrealistic, it will help me to start getting used to human shapes. And after that, I will make irl studies...
I managed to learn how to sew in a month, so I hope I can improve drawing too!πŸ’ͺ🐹