Are you sick of social media but you still want to hear a stranger talk about whatever she's fixated onto? All while having a layout stuck on 2003? If yes, Baguette is your home, welcome! ♡

Baguette was started in October 2021, mostly as a way to learn basic HTML. I ended up enjoying my time here way more than expected, so in April 2022 I fully moved my internet presence to this website.
Neither graphic or web design are my passion, but as long as words appear on-screen, I’m happy. I refuse to use anything other than plain HTML & CSS on my pages, I want to be assured Baguette will work on any PC, on any year.

Updates ♡

Changed all of the liveblogs' directories. If a link appears broken, I think a refresh would fix it
(I don't like making directories changes, but without folders it was very difficult to find stuff, I don't know why I didn't made them sooner)

Updated AITSF liveblog

Added a new cute blog entry.
Opened an art page. It's mostly me trying to learn how to draw lol. Because the time I spend writting for this site is now shared with drawing, updates will be slower now, sorry!

Made a pixel art page inside pngs.

Made a page for free layouts by me ^^
Added some links and sites

Updated the AITSF liveblog.
Made the few custom scrollbars I got prettier on Firefox
Removed the diary for privacy.
Edited Michitter's layouts


Older updates can be read here

Stamps ♡

Do you like rodents? Click here...

💙 Time until Makoto Nendoid arrives 💙

My food and wallet will be stolen in...

Site started on 23/Oct/2021
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