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Hi: Free space yay
Date: July 30th
Here's how Bold, Italic and Links look like on this layout~ Of course, everything can be changed, I put instruction on the code ^^

Since it's based off Tumblr themes, it works best as a diary/blogging page methinks, that's why I included a pagination.

Images inside posts have a border because I thought it looked neat with the aes, but again it can be easily removed. I also tried to give a border to the header icon, but it didn't work for some reason, so you will give to draw the border yourself sorry lol.

If you have problems with the layout, feel free to message me! I'm new into coding, but I can fix my own children.

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Another post! This time around, without header or footer. Just the "Post" div alone works fine. All headers have the same size but different backgrounds!

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
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