I'm Michi and I will write about cute stuff I find! I'm learning to code as I make this website :) Updates will be during Thrusday-Sunday.
Site started on 23/Oct/2021
Added my ACNH designs. Might revamp the entire thinf to make an AC blog instead of just patterns.

Yay, the page for my animal crossing designs is done! It will update normally now.

06/11/21 'Item' part of the cute blog is finished! Now it will update normally (I keep mixing up the .css & .html, i hope everything looks ok...)

29/10/21 Added lots of new links. Finished the layout of the cute blog pages, will work on each item's info tomorrow. Oh also the cursor makes hearts now.

24/10/21 Added more links. Will work on the cute finds page today, and maybe on the diary too.

23/10/21 About & Links are done. Rest of pages have been created but are placeholders.

23/10/21 Finally created the layout & started to writte things!