Main Team

Name: Cinda
Trainer ID: Unknown
Year: Around 2012
Active?: No

The first "retro" pokemon I played, back when a page called PlayR was active. Unfortunately, that page got taken down yeats ago, and with it, my save file, so I wasn't able to finish it.

Lv. ??
My starter, Squirtle is my favorite Kanto starter thanks to PMD, so I always pick it. I'm unsure if I evolved him or not.

Lv. ??
Can you believe how cute her RGB sprite is?? I remember her doubleslap was pretty useful

Lv. ??
A pretty cool pokemon, for some reason I dont like Nidoqueen as much...
Thanks to HGSS, I'm pretty attached to Nidokings.

Lv. ??
I remember she was amazing for inflicting status problems. Her name is a reference to a Kirby character(s).

Lv. ??
I got her to beat the plant gym & because Flareon is my favorite eeveelution-

Lv. ??
I dont remember this one actually, but I found a blog screenshot where she's on my team. Looks like I caught her while looking for a chansey at the safari zone.
I really like this pokemon, I should train another someday