Original Team

Name: IRL Name
Trainer ID: 49069
Year: 2009
Active?: No, pokemon rescued

My first savefile was surely a thing, you see....

Lv. 100
Yeah, all in caps. The champ himself, his ability is Rivalry so he can take anyone down with no problems. Well, except my 1st try at the elite 4...
I got so angry at the champion for being the 1st NPC who killed Nidoking that I traded my legendary Pokemon from Pearl to demolish him lmao.

My team was just a single pokemon! Looking thru the in-game photos, I used lots of different pokemon on my team (or better said, the slots were occupied by random pokemon) but in the end, the only one I trained was NIDOKING because I was 9 and why would I use other pokemon if he is strong lol.
I still got a few "guest" pokemon around, they're below at the PC Box and on the Honorary Team.

Second savefile

Name: Cinda
Trainer ID: 49069
Year: Jule 16th 2014
Active?: Yes

My second and current save file. Despite being so old, I haven't played with it much tbh I haven't even beat Red yet.
Sometimes I regret deleting my og file because I had so many pokeathlon records & friends' pokemon dress-up pics, but I love my current team too.
One of the few teams that still reside on their original game

Lv. 56
Tortilla ~ July 16th 2014
My starter is once again Chikorita, it was my favorite starter until popplio showed up after all. I don't quite remember why I named her Omelette though

Lv. 56
Tony/Cascabel ~ July 21th 2014
A pretty cool pokemon I have never used nor seen others like lmao. I remember she used to be named after Tony Mother2/EB, but for some reason her name is Bell now.

Lv. 56
Vanilla ~ August 18th 2014
This is the first time I had a legendary pokemon on my main team! I was trying to shiny hunt it because I find the shiny colors a bit prettier, but i got tired after a week of no luck

Lv. 56
Mei ~ July 16th 2014
It's the pokemon that hatched from the egg they give you early in-game. Not the biggest fan of this pokemon, but it isn't ugly either and I have never used it, so she went to my team!

Lv. 57
Slowqueen/CherryPie ~ July 14th 2014
This playthru was full of pokemon I have never used before, and this time around since I had another ds & game I was finally able to have a Slowking!
Used to be named Slowqueen because she's a girl, but changed it after some months because it felt like an insult lol

Lv. 56
Miercoles ~ July 16th 2014
I just think she's cool :)

Honorary Team

Since my 1st team consisted on a single pokemon, during the post-game I ended up getting attached to some pokemon I found after playing with them, so I view them and my HGSS main team

Lv. 56
This was my starter on my first run!

Lv. 83
THE Wigglytuff. I dont even remember when or where I found her (as a Jigglypuff, I guess?) but she is what sparked my love for them. Now Wigglytuff is my favorite pokemon alongside Lopunny.

Lv. 49
MY FIRST SHINY!! He's from Pearl actually, but spent 90% of his live on HGSS. Its story was funny, i wanted a Milotic but didnt know about Feebas, so I tried to catch and train every fish pokemon avaible to see which one evolved into it & when it was barboach's turn, the one I fished was shiny!
I didn't know about shinies, so I almost turned off my console thinking it was a glitch, but luckly the sparkles made me reconsider.

Lv. 58
A random Hoothoot my sister gave me, I think Noctlow looks pretty cool!

Lv. 58
When I was little I loved Venonat, so i trained it thinking it's evolution was Butterfly, but got greeted by this insteaf... Despite shatering my heart, I'm still fond of him.

Lv. 57
Oone of my favorite pokemon, I always try to catch one for my team on every game I can

Lv. 64
I really wanted a Teddiursa, but they werent avaible on any of the games I had, so my sister gave me a random one she had on her PC.
I will never evolve him, Usaring isn't as cute.

Lv. 100
My first forgein pokemon! I didnt had internet connection back then, so the japanese Meowth my cousin had impressed me and I begged him to give it to me.
I hope ヨシ(yosi?) knows its one of my most well-loved pokemon now!

Lv. 63
Another pokemon my cousin gave me.

PC box

Not included on this list: The Special Ear Pichu event. I'm still so angry you can't even trade it between HGSS games!! Lost her when I deleted my first savefile, I miss her so much...

Lv. 47
A pokemon I trained to battle agaisnt my sister. Dewgong are so cute!

Lv. 87
This guy is the father of all my pokemon since 2010. I'm surprised at its low level considering all the shiny hunts I have done the past decade.

Lv. 7
A legal baby Dialga thanks to the Arceus event. I paid $15 to bring it to my Moon savefile to troll someone over Wi-Fi since they always ask for low-level legendary pokemon, but in the end I wasted that money because I didn't found any Lv1-10 Dialga trade.
Always check before spending money, learn from my mistake....

Lv. 26
Politoed ~ April 5th 2012
I have always one of these but I had no one to trade with, until my sister bought her 1st pokemon game and helped me to get it.

Lv. 72
The first event I went live!! She's from the autumn 2010 one.
Well, actually.... we went to the store where they were giving it away, but it didn't work...
This one is actually from an exploit to get event pokemon, but even so I consider it the real deal, the intention is what matters...!

Lv. 12
Jirachi ~ August 4th 2010
This time, for real, it's my first event pokemon!
I remember my cousin randomly asked me for my game one day and then at night while I was preparing for an english exam with my mother he came to my house with the event Jirachi they were giving away!

Lv. 52
Pajarito ~ May 17th 2012
I think I didn't use her on the main game, but on the postgame instead

Lv. 36
A random shiny I found at the 1st Kanto forest! I'm glad I didn't use a repel while walking thru it, this shiny is so pretty!

Lv. 41
I sure had a bunch of Pidgeots on this game?? This one is from my original playthru & I'm pretty sure I found it on the Pokewalker

Lv. 30
NotMismagi ~ July 23th 2014
Right before encountering him, I found a shiny Mismagius at the safari zone which flet before I could caught her & it made me so mad lol

Lv. 4
Her name means "strong" because I felt bad for her lmao.

Lv. 28
This one is weird because it has my trainer ID from HGSS, but the info says it's from Sinnoh? It was one of the events my cousin got me.
(Despite how it may sound, my cousin and me actually hate eachother guts, but there was a brief period where we got along thanks to pokemon)

Lv. 28
Caught and named for my mother because she found Wooper & an old ad (where there was a kid named Polito) funny

Lv. 20
One of the pokemon on my team that didn't made it past the 2nd gym

Lv. 66
I have no idea of when I used this boy or where I caught it, but hey Vaporeons are cool.