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Why I like this ship

Understanding, tenderness, equality, growth…. I think those are the words that best describe their relationship. Every time I see them all I can think of is how they truly love each other.
They complement each other very well and help the other grow. They both have struggles understanding humanity, relationships, life, death.. .Makoto due to his apathy towards life (thanks to the accident he was involved when he was little) and Aigis due the fact that she’s a robot, her heart was still developing, the few human interaction she had was erased from her memory (on Aigis the First Mission) so she had to start completely from scratch, not understanding anything about the world.

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Another thing I like about them is that Aigis' development doesn't follow the typical ''robot becomes human because it fell in love'' trope. She falls in love because she is human, not 'she's human because she fell in love'. Aigis is who she is thanks to the love and friendship everyone gave her.
What made Aigis fully awaken her emotions was not only romantic love, but the support she received from SEES, pretty much her found family. And even though at the end of the game she said her reason to live was to protect Makoto, she didn't limit it to him alone after and made her mission to protect everyone important to her. Yes, she talks lots about him because of the huge impact he had on her life, but she is still attentive and cares about people other than him.
Same with Makoto, he and Aigis are each other's most important person, they helped each other grow and wouldn't be the same person if they hadn't met, but the game doesn't restrict them to that bubble and show that all the friendships and connections Makoto made during his life are equality as important. Despite how close (and sappy at times, shown in the CD dramas), it's refreshing that not once do they try to show that romance is the most important kind of love; and that they got lives outside each other, that's how healthy relationships work.

As a final note, in all the games where you play as Makoto you can’t be mean to Aigis. Usually when the game let the player pick an action/line during a conversation the options are: -”Yes/a nice option” “No” “Don’t care/a rude option”-, but with Aigis all the conversation options are positive, even on the spin-offs. While the MC is supposed to represent the player and be a blank state, the inputs give you hints of their personality (just look at how different Kotone’s/FeMC choices during the game are), and I found interesting that Aigis is the only character who is treated like this, with no negative opinions or thoughts, which shows how kind and accepting the MC is towards her.
All the player (Makoto’s) inputs towards Aigis are positive. And even without the player’s input, Aigis is one of the few characters Makoto reacts to closely outside social links (like holding her hand during the moonlight bridge scene)

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