On canon
  • While she didn’t think of it much before, as she became more human Aigis started to take her tech checkups a bit more intimately, disliking being revised by people other than a very small circle. If the checkup was for something more serious, Makoto would stay beside her during it.
  • After aigis confesses her feelings on the rank 9 Social Link, Makoto grabs her when she tries to run away & after some talking he ends up being the lap pillow of a very flustered aigis So in march 5th aigis is returning to makoto their 1st official romantic interaction
  • Aigis’ staring at Makoto during the night was kinda uncomfortable at times, but I think Makoto got used to it after awhile and even found it comforting; having someone making sure you’re feeling well. Near the winter she would even lay on the bed with him, since their relationship was advancing (and maybe Makoto used the cold temperatures as an excuse.. you wouldn’t your joints to get frozen, right? Not something that realistically could happen to Aigis inside the dorms, but hey it worked). Before that she would simply sit next to him on the bed.
  • Sometimes Makoto and Aigis do homework together too. He added a new small table on this room next to his in a L shape and they do their school work here.
  • A headcanon that does not make much sense but I like to think about is that often Makoto ended up staying the night over Aigis’ room. They bought a new bed and put it next to Aigis’ chair, with the head of the bed facing Aigis’ chair so they could still look/talk at each other when she was over here for maintenance.That small square was separated with a curtain and Makoto brought a few spare clothes and other daily utilities here, She didn’t remodel her room, but slowly they would buy furniture for it and decorate a bit (mostly with pics or small things Aigis liked)
  • After Makoto’s death, aside from his evoker Aigis kept his mp3 and headphones too.
Everyone lives/Adult AU
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