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Icons & stamps I have made ^^ Feel free to use them, link back is not needed but appreciated.

Official pics

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Persona 3 (vanilla, FES, portable) Taking Aigis' hand (without the player's imput!)

Playing with Koromaru together~
Spin-offs (The "their" refers to Makoto)
I love this scene so much No love for Yu lol Wrong protag!
Makoto protecting Aigis after she protected him + Aigis cheering him on the eating contest (she was the only one who shared her support to him lol)


On promotional art Art for the iconic cherry blossom & spring season.
Aigis action girl! The first pic is a fave of mine and was my wallpaper for pretty long, I love both of their poses and the coloring.
Fun fact! Something most of P3 media got in common are 2 of Makoto's fixations: Aigis' tears and... watching Aigis play with Koromaru! Either during the final day or before it, there's often a scene where Makoto just sits back and watches Aigis and Koro play thogether, usually accompanied by another character or his own thoughts remarking how happy/serene he is at that moment. I found that pretty sweet.
I find the last one kind of funny... aigis is so happy with whatever she bough :)
Anime screenshots I got a whole folder where I screenshoted everytime they appeared together here! Found this scene very sweet. Aigis was recovering from the 2nd moonlight bridge accident with Makoto at her side, and he smiled when Aigis said his name ^^
One of the few moments we see Makoto smilling on the movies Another time being this one, during the school trop Aigis climbed to Makoto's room and threw Junpei & Ryoji out of the balcony because she wanted to stay with Makoto, but him and Aigis ended up falling too. Somehow Makoto found this funny, king.
Their 1st meeting + Makoto protecting Aigis from a shadow
The iconic moonlight bridge hug. I could talk about this scene for hours...


On promotional art ...these are moonlight trio rather than aikoto, but I can't resist a jealous Aigis =W=
Manga scenes & pages Please open the images on a new tab for full size! Sadly the pics are compressed to fit my GB limit, but they're readable ^^
Not the full thing (it would be even longer!), but here is Aigis' coming in terms with her emotions + confesing to Makoto; from volume 9. I love how they handled it in the manga, I have re-read this voume so many times....
She protec (and attac, accidentally)
Sleeping togehter at the train 💙
Protecting Makoto from a fall + the sick Makoto scene.
I think most people consider that scene kind of creppy, but I find it so sweet, she even prepared him a cold pillow! 😭😭 A robot trying to find out how human bodies work to get healthy.. it's cute.
Plus iirc, in one of the cd dramas she starting to realize her feelings (even if she couldn't name them)towards on this part,.
Makoto only caring about Aigis :'p (ft. Akihiko not caring about women at all per usual, gay icon)


I like to take screenshots of background aikoto... those are from the 3rd play I think
Official art & merch
I love the art for merch so much... the cherry blossom appear when you pour something on the cup ^^
Brand New Days