Nothing to see here yet! In the meanwhile you can look at the pic
i took of my parfom this valentines; that was my gift for her, a little
flower for a little girl :)

I love her so much i could start rambling on this plain text page... but i
have to finish the demon reviews first!! and then think
of a layout for this page; the other day i was looking at
fanlistings and such & it made me want to create a page like
that, but idk if i will be able to do that with my current skills..
but i want to try!!

anyways, did you know that i dont know the female social links in p3 goes because
i dont want to cheat on aigis so i never do them lol (except for kotone's
route, but thats because i made sees her lesbian polycute lol i
did a female-only run

i think her hooves are cute