Miku 15th Anniversary Nendoroid

After a half a year, she's here! She is the last birthday gift my late aunt (rest in peace) bought me. I’m not a Miku fan honestly, she’s iconic but I don’t care much about her, but the second I saw her on the summer Wonfes I fell in love, I HAD to get her.

But her pricetag made me not buy her despite being obsessed with the design for months, so my auntie gave me the money for my birthday ^^ I wish she was here to see her, she was excited about it too :_3

Like I did with Makoto, I will complain first and say good things later.

I got unlucky and my girl got lots of quality check issues. There’s miss-placed paint in lots of sites, the one that bothers me the most is the red on her white ribbon. The gold in her shoes overflowed and (not pictured) also she arrived with some gray dirt/paint in some places. Dirt could be removed for the most part, but it sucks a lot.
The white lace on the back of her cape also looks bad, the print overlap and makes some parts look whiter than others.

I could ask for a replacement, but customs were $26 and I don't want to risk paying a cent more, so I will have to live with it. At least most of it are on her back, but I expected better from a $110 Nendoroid. Manufacturing problems aside, my personal adventures. Remember how I said Makoto was a pain to pose? Well, he is a saint compared to her, omg….

Miku’s little details: her strongest charm and her strongest curse… No matter what you’re trying to do, you will have to apply pressure on her tiny ribbons. And strawberries. And cape. And hair. And flowers. The ribbons are made of a pretty flexible material, but I’m scared they will snap sooner or later.

Her arms are also a pain to put back on for some reason, and posing will require you a PhD to find out in which angle each body part must be sit in because they can and will bump into each other every time you give her an accessory or try to move her a bit. I still don’t know how to put the fork correctly.

She's easier to pose if you remove her head, move her around, and put it back on. But thanks to her headpiece and flowers, removing her head is an adventure too. On top, her faceplates are too snuggly on the hair and take a bit of force to take them out.

Oh, and the stand's arm... That one is a pain too because Miku's cape. Luckly, she can stand up without it. That's about all my compains, let's start getting positive!

First of all, she’s HUGE. From twintail to twintail, she’s 12cm wide! Her size along with her plate makes her really stand out from the rest of Nendoroids. Her hair, accessories and little details are sculpted perfectly and there’s no visible seamlines (except for a hair strand)

The macaroon and fork are just too cute, I love the glossy paint and both the paint and mold are inmaculate.

I complained about her paint job before, but the color fading on her hair and the font of her dress are wonderful. The plate doesn’t have any errors either. The printing on her eyes and the acrylic stand are good too.

Her twintails can move thanks to a ball joint, and they support Miku even when you aren’t using her stand! Thanks to the cape she is pretty stable, it’s nice being able to display without having to fight with the arm.

I forgot to edit the photos of her box so I will add them later, but it looks AMAZING in person, it’s so shiny!!

Overall, I’m very happy with her! I’m angry at GSC for not checking their products better, but she is so huge and detailed it makes me happy every time I see her, plus she is a memento of my aunt now. Definitely the centerpiece of my collection, she has a huge presence despite being 10cm tall.

Honestly if you missed her, you should run to grab her as soon as you can (her price is already skyrocketing…), I often see people claiming she’s one of the most beautiful Nendoroids and I couldn’t agree more!

And to no one’s surprise… Makoto 's idol debut!? For some reason, the proportions look off, is his head too big? Maybe I just got too used to this doll body proportions… He is finally smiling! Curse you GSC for not giving him a content faceplate… Hmm, I think it’s a little *too* happy, but it looks funny.