Welcome to my art log! This is not a gallery, but a place where I can see & writte down my progress in drawing.

More info here, but basically I'm trying to learn how to draw again so I aim to draw daily, even if it's a 5 minute doodle. Almost never goes as planned, but I'm trying!

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Anon. Requests!

I need to draw every day to improve, but I often don't do it because I dont know what to draw.
So I would appreciate lots if you send a request / suggestion to doodle!
The message is completely anonymous.

🕓 29 / 09 / 22

It's unfinished rattata time. Used its official art as ref, but later I noticed I was pretty much drawing its DPP sprite lol, I played Pearl so much I think the sprites are burned onto my brain...
Hmm I think I should start drawing my site's assets already, but I don't feel like drawing. Or coding =.= About page is pretty much done tho.
I cant believe september is pretty much gone already...

🕓 28 / 09 / 22

Some months ago I downloaded Harvest Moon, played a few in-game days (why do they pass so quick?? it gives me anxiety instead of relaxing me lmao) & then left it to gather dust, but today I turned it on again for a bit with my friend and I had SO much fun with her omg.
Look here for the lore we ended up creating in 10 minutes.

🕓 24 / 09 / 22

I like Miltank... it's one of my favorite pokemon, I'm sad lots of her cuteness didn't carry over the 3d model

🕓 21 / 09 / 22

As you can tell by my hiatus, I'm not feeling well (and I have just started my last college grade, to add to the matter), I'm so tired all the time and idk how to get back into drawing 😔 I dont want to stop because its fun (I'm finally liking the brush I made ^^) but also i dont have the energy to spent more than 5 literal minutes on a drawing now im motivated
I hope october will be better
snort.. mimimimimi.....
little nozomi because shes sitting on my desk... this drawing is a problem for tomorrow me.

🕓 18 / 09 / 22

Doodle on a napkin day, I just tried to join one of these collaborative drawing boards, but you needed admin permision to draw & idk who was I supposed to ask since its an imageboard 😭😭 The people who drew there are so talented though...

Anyways the idea of the group drawing board is cute... should I make one for my site? Aside from the guestbook, I think it would be fun

🕓 17 / 09 / 22

Forgot I had to draw, so I just did a fast dooble of Buneary because that's what my hands default to when I have to draw something.
I may or may not use this drawing after I polish it on my new layout... She doesn't has Nana's vibe, but I can fix it.

🕓 16 / 09 / 22

Mona mona mona 🖤 I love doodling him, he's just a kitty. Like chococat but with a scarf. Very easy to draw, very easy to remember.
No ref, I only used my love for little creatures to draw. Now that I think about it, Mornaga doodles are the only persona fanart I have made since I started to play them a year ago lol
Also I had a little problem lol.... Next time, I will make an archive simply named "Mona.png" to complete the set

🕓 13 / 09 / 22

[Original pic]
I'm a simple person; I see robot, I fall in love with robot, I spent too much money on merch of robot.
...Sadly, this time around I couldnt spent too much money on robot because surprise, I'm x2 over my yearly budget.
That aside, *checks notes* Chitocerium - LXXVlll-platinum is just SO PRETTY!! Went to GSC page because sometimes I like to check the stuff I got on preorder like a grandpa looking at portraits of dead people, AND THEN I SAW HER
Please check the link above & go look at the other pictures of this figure, she's so elegant! I thought she was figma-sized, but she's quite big actually, 20cm tall! And you have to build her like some extreme kinder egg surprise, she is now your daughter. It looks so fun and evil at the same time, I want to try a model kit someday!
I was SO CLOSE of cancelling my P5R prerder to get her instead, but strawberry miku releases near her & I like my orders to be spaced around the year so I have always something to look foward to.

🕓 12 / 09 / 22

Someone kick me for not practice humans! But I'm not very motivated lately, and lost of pokemon are fast/easy to draw, so that's what I end up picking to not lose the habit of drawing ^^'
Today we got the game corner game from dpp~ I loved it when I was little, tho I hated the bonus/clefary music lol the main theme was much cooler 😤
2 variants because I drew the cledary. Then I felt like drawing the 777. And later I felt like drawing the moon. And an ufo...? OK. Finally, I mistook the cartoon star brush for the realist one, but I thought it was cute, so I left it there. And added a gradient map on overlay. The end.
Also white & purple behave weirdly in photoshop? When I save the image normally as PNG/JPEG it's ok, but if I save it for the web (and in the previews of adjustmens) the colors look way more muted, even if I force it to use the real colors. I dunno why this happens.
At least the normal PNG export has a "Smaller File" options which ditters it & reduces the size considerably, but it sucks that I can't ajust the settings myself. This has happened with other stuff before.

🕓 11 / 09 / 22

I don't feel like drawing today (no surprises here0), like today is being a "spent the entire afternoon window shopping figures and looking up reviews & new shops" day. Yeah I have days like that. More often than I would like actually.

ANYWAYS I have been too lazy this september, it's already the 11th and I have only draw... 5 things and all are either doodles or unfinished, I can't let that happen! So I drew this cubchoo on literally 8 minutes & I somehow learnt from it?

  • When the drawing is simple/has lots of open spaces, I think these thicker messy lines work best. This is actually one of my favorite drawins from the ones I have made for far? Lol
  • I realized too late that Cubchoo's body is white and not blue, so I painted over the blue & I really like the subtle blue tones it ended up having because that. I will keep this in mind when drawing something white next time.
I may redo yesterday's drawing knowing this.... it doesn't look as cute as it could...!

🕓 09 / 09 / 22

It's my birthday! And I found out about these 2 pokemon, yay more squirrels!!
Unfortunately, my tablet stopped working again, and when I managed to make my laptop recognize it, it worked sluggy, so I had to stop drawing

🕓 08 / 09 / 22

ok dont look at this (i even made it smaller), i dont feel like drawing lately + didnt use refs for this, so its extreme low effort v.v
yeah i fef should practice more... im kinda ok with bodies, but heads will be the dead of me
maybe i should swing away for a bit from anime girls & practice actual humans with the book my teacher gave me, but also copying anime girls is what kinda keeps me motivated because they're cute, so idk what i should do to improve
also i caved in the other day & i will never financially recover from this

makoto was supposed to be my only purchase this year, but i ended up with a 11k nendoroid + a $60 game too.......

🕓 05 / 09 / 22

[original image]
Started to refine yesterday's drawing a bit, but then my tablet died (!?) Since it's wacom, I guess I will just have to re-install its stuff, it used to happen to my sister pretty often, I will look into it later.
I also have to change her eyes, she doesn't look like mona at all lol But at least it's better than what I have drawn previusly ^^
When you're starting out, quanity often matters more than quality, but I want to spent a good chunk of time on a single drawing, my brain/eye can't focus on details for some reason and I need to start training them too, not just my hand..!

🕓 04 / 09 / 22

Time flies! Just a WIP for today because I got lost in time and was soo late when I noticed the hour It's a re-draw of this card!
I'm still not confident enough to draw something myself instead of copying, but I think I'm slowly getting a bit more used to human shappes... except for the head, they're too hard!! And that's one of the most important parts!!
But I'm taking a liking in drawing boobs..... I understand nsfw artists now.

🕓 03 / 09 / 22

Ah, I wanted to do some drawing like "Yay, it's september!!", but I had a real bad anxiety attack on the 1st, so I couldn't draw anything ^^' I even had to go to the clinic... But I'm way better now! >:D

That aside, just some Lopunny dooddles for today. I said I could draw lopunny & buneary with my eyes closed, but I tent to draw lopunny a bit off-model, specially her head/ears, so I wanted to practice it a bit for my new layout. I ran out of time to draw tho :'p I will continue drawing extra long ears tho because they look cute.

Baguette V3 is turning out good btw! I don't have any pics yet because I have to draw them, but I think it will turn out cute! I thought of releasing it on october since that's my site's 1st anniversary, but if I manage to finish it before then, I will most likely release it anyways ^^
It's still a very simple layout because as cool as they look, sites with too many images, info or moving/interactive stuff overwhelm me, so I prefer to keep mine clean ^^ But not minimalist, hate that.