Welcome to my art log! This is not a gallery, but a place where I can see & writte down my progress in drawing.

More info here, but basically I'm trying to learn how to draw again so I aim to draw daily, even if it's a 5 minute doodle. Almost never goes as planned, but I'm trying!

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Anon. Requests!

I need to draw every day to improve, but I often don't do it because I dont know what to draw.
So I would appreciate lots if you send a request / suggestion to doodle!
The message is completely anonymous.

🕓 30 / 10 / 22

Me? Doing an actual drawing for the first time in +30 days? It's more likely than you think...
It's unfinished, but here's a Ribombee, I remembered they were a pokemon the other day. I should make its eyes bigger so it's more on-model, but it looks cute this way....

🕓 23 / 10 / 22

I have been so long without drawing or coding, I feel kinda bad ;-;
To be fair, I'm a bit busy, studying for an exam and now trying to sew my friend a plushie, but still...
This is a little pikachu for a drawing board, I wanted to make something better but for some reason the site fried my laptop (so my tablet lagged) + the other brushes didnt show, just the plain color one

🕓 11 / 10 / 22

A grand 7 minutes of figure drawing lol. I didn't feel like doing anything today, it's rainy and cloudy....
I tried the other site but I didnt like it much. Maybe I was just unlucky, but some of the pics felt porn-y. Also some of the models were... they should go to rehab, it was unfomfortable to see.

🕓 10 / 10 / 22

I tried figure drawing today (finally, after saying I would start it last month lol). But I kind of did it wrong, focused too on "this is [X]" instead of being more... woosh..! line here circle here!
I find kinda funny that I don't understant how humans works, both their body and their minds
I used this page to get the refs & set the timer to 60 seconds. I also set the models to only women because why tf I would want to draw a men. Maybe this is just the lesbian speaking, but women are literally the closest thing we got to perfection, every muscle, every curve..... men bodies are so boring, how are there ppl out there who love these apes.
Cool thing about that page is that there are people of all ages, body and sex. Bad thing is that I think there aren't many pics for free, I got a few repeats. There's also this other site that seems the same thing, I will check it tomorrow!
The art teacher I had 4 years ago (one of the few good men ever) always told me I'm too stiff n that I need to loose my hand more, that fact still remains correct...!
At the end of the year, when I managed to loose up a bit, he saw me and almost cried lmao
Also I'm using a figure drawing book he gave us as a guide btw! It's very complete, I will read it and practice little by little...

🕓 07 / 10 / 22

Today I offer you.... The Walking Squirrel...
Awhile ago I was informed that Flash is still alive thanks to this page! And today I finally decided to try it. Followed that page's tutorial and this is what I ended up with. Can't say I fully understood what I did, but hey it moves.
I LOVED Deviantart flash games & Youtube flash animations (like those touhou and vocaloid songs that ended up being animation memes) when I was little and was my dream to make them myself, so I'm very excited about this! I wonder if I can import drawings made with another programs, I... don't get along with vectors/clean lines lol (its stabilizer is pretty cool tho! makes my lines actually look ok)
I also found a pretty cool textured brush but I dunno how to use it because when I add more pressure, it loses its texture and becomes a normal-ish brush. It also blends weirdly...
But maybe I can use it for sketching or something, since it only looks good when you barely press the pen, the lightness makes me want to draw faster without caring much.
Hmmm I think it can be good for figure drawing... I wanted to start doing that already
I think it's a pencil-like brush? Or a dry brush one... I want to experiment more with it

🕓 05 / 10 / 22

Meeeow... A fast redraw of persian's yellow sprite. Though I didnt finish it. Or spent more than 5 minutes on it lol.
I'm quite font fond of persian, aside from looking cute it was also my 1st forgein pokemon + one of the veeery few to reach lv.100 (idk how i did it when i never used it on my main team, he was just used on the post game).
I didnt have wi-fi when I was little, but my cousin did (he was the one who gave me event pokemon from wifi events too) & when i saw a meowth with his name written in japanese i was like :o i want it!!
Of course it was just one more random pokemon for my cousin, but i had never seen that before so it shocked me. Sadly, upon evolving, his name changed onto its latin name :__3

🕓 03 / 10 / 22

A melody know knows what you did....
I'm feeling a bit better today ^^ I think one of the factors of why I'm feeling bad is my lack of sleep... I'm going to class again, which makes me sleep 7 hours in late days and 5 on bad ones. And to fuction normally, I need to sleep... 10-12 hours! 😅 Why isnt there a college where I live..?? Sniff sniff... Also yeah, in my house I'm the 1st person to go to sleep and the last one to wake up :'p
As a bonus... me trying to... encajar.. whatever that word is in english this picture i took of aigis' butt because its very round and very tiny, I love it so much lol. From left to right 1st attemp, 2nd attemp + 3rd one, which is traced.
It's fun to see the comparision with a simple traced drawing, it's way easier to notice your errors like this
I want to make a full study of that pic someday...
Im also thinking on participating on persona-october if my body wants ^^ But for some reason, I find harder to draw characters I like rather than ones I'm neutral about because if I draw them ugly it feels like insulting them lol