Welcome to my art log! This is not a gallery, but a place where I can see & writte down my progress in drawing.

More info here, but basically I'm trying to learn how to draw again so I aim to draw daily, even if it's a 5 minute doodle. Almost never goes as planned, but I'm trying!

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Anon. Requests!

I need to draw every day to improve, but I often don't do it because I dont know what to draw.
So I would appreciate lots if you send a request / suggestion to doodle!
The message is completely anonymous.

🕓 31 / 3 / 23

first time i draw labrys and its her smelling her sister's clothes lmao (though she looks she's hugging them, idk how to draw)
also this sonico

🕓 29 / 3 / 23

"im so angry, im gonna draw so im not so angry"
^wasnt able to draw because angry (and it didnt help)

🕓 28 / 3 / 23

someday i will start something and actually finish it
but today, i bring you the idol girl from p5x

🕓 25 / 3 / 23

i wanted to draw bunny hamugis and draw more in general since i was alone all afternoon, but to no one's surprise i got sidetracked and only finished the initial referenze sketch lol
well, i guess that gives me more time to think abt it and study it more

🕓 23 / 3 / 23

the micro organisms
im very busy with school, so i dont have time do draw
one of the doujin i bought has aikoto hand holding btw, im very happy

🕓 22 / 3 / 23

game freak really created the perfect pokemon just to not put it on a game ever again, uh?
honestly mega audino looks different enough from audino, it should've a normal evolution instead :\

🕓 21 / 3 / 23

Drew school stuff again

🕓 19 / 3 / 23

Drew school stuff

🕓 18 / 3 / 23

something super fast to comply with my daily drawing thing because i got more important matters to attent (putting an entire doujin thru ocr to translate it)

🕓 14 / 3 / 23

oh no she lost her arms, how will she ever recover

🕓 13 / 3 / 23

started to draw fairy ruby from the new ll anime, shes so tiny and cute omg

🕓 11 / 3 / 23

that one cat (lulu!) meme
we just got hit with a heatwave, i cant even hold the pencil :(

🕓 10 / 3 / 23

A primarina (and brionne) and classroom sink doodle i made while my teacher was being annoying

🕓 9 / 3 / 23

1st doodle is me drawing from ref, second is me trying to decifer the ref's body and 3rd is keke stadning
i think i understand the face a bit better now 🤔 wont be able to draw tomorrow, but i will try to draw a non :) face next

🕓 8 / 3 / 23

"michi what the fuck is this?"
the grind. that's what it is
havent been able to draw anything this week for feeling super sick, but i do have something in mind i would like to try drawing ^^

🕓 5 / 3 / 23

I will draw something for march 5th tomorrow even if it sucks, i prommy

🕓 4 / 3 / 23

I started to draw the new pokebird, but then I thought "problem for tomorrow me". Tomorrow I will wake up & magically be abe to draw birds.
I wish I had practiced drawing more, mabye I couldve done something nice for tomorrow already...
Oh well, i suck at it, but I may draw something anyways fuck it. Waiting until Iget better wont solve anything, plus it whs been 2 years since i played p3, i want to make art so in some years i can say "oooh!!"

🕓 2 / 3 / 23

I drew a bit today, but it was for my final grade, so I cant show it