Welcome to my art log! This is not a gallery, but a place where I can see & writte down my progress in drawing.

More info here, but basically I'm trying to learn how to draw again so I aim to draw daily, even if it's a 5 minute doodle. Almost never goes as planned, but I'm trying!

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Anon. Requests!

I need to draw every day to improve, but I often don't do it because I dont know what to draw.
So I would appreciate lots if you send a request / suggestion to doodle!
The message is completely anonymous.

🕓 31 / 1 / 23

them kitties
my period is killing me f
aside from wonky anatomy, i have absolute no idea of how faces work, specially the hair... why on anime hair is like a floating fluff over the skull??

🕓 27 / 1 / 23

i wanted to try the ballpen brush again to practice doing strokes without fear, so here's a doodle of my girlie
her creature form is perfect, but i dunno how to make her anthro form like... im unable to translate her ">:3" vibes, also i dunno how to manage the full pink palette....
if im ever able to get a fursuit, i want it to be of her, so i want to make sure i love the deisgn

🕓 26 / 1 / 23

i started to draw a photo i took of my aigis parfom

🕓 25 / 1 / 23

Another flash test, every day i see its icon and remember my goal of learning how to use it to make silly dress up games & animation memes...
Like with my first attemp, I followed this guide, which also was what made me find out flash is still alive and kicking.
"Followed" in a very loose sense... I'm to tired to read anything, so I just paid atention to the keyframe part lmao
This is what came out of it, doesnt fully look like what i had in mind, but its an improvement over the buneary
Flash's brush is REALLY nice btw

🕓 23 / 1 / 23

Teddy bear plate from 1981 I love you so much
Ft. a Paint 3D eevee i did because my internet went off all afternoon

🕓 22 / 1 / 23

Flareon I wont finish + its 1st attemp
I have been with no motivation lately... I kind of want to draw kotone or aigis for the p3p port, but I'm scared of not doing them justice since I barely know how to draw people lol
But now that I think about it, maybe that's the reason of my block, not drawing the stuff I want out of fear, so they just run around on my mind since i dont let them leave... I have gotten much better, but im still a bit scared of drawing bad. But to practice is the only way I got of improving

🕓 17 / 1 / 23

I doodled some stuff, but since it's for my final project I cant post it online yet. You can have this yoshi I drew on scribblo though

🕓 16 / 1 / 23

Uh, i didnt notice i didnt draw all weekend
just a quick usahana as test for a brush i have just downloaded
its texture is vey nice, but i need to make it blend more

🕓 13 / 1 / 23

Frilish is so cute, sucks that their evos... well, suck

🕓 12 / 1 / 23

Ciervito patchwork te kiero mucho
i wonder who originally made the plushie... i cant seem to find its artist :(

🕓 8 / 1 / 23

Ooops, skipped almost a week! I literally have been using the stuff they gave me for xmas like a 5yo lmao (we give gifts on the 6th over here, and during jan. 5th there's a parade)
But I finished the primarina drawing ^^ Since I'm always drawing these 2 pokemon my mindset was "i should use it to learn something else instead of a mindless drawing"
So my approach was to try think more in 3D. I dunno if I succesed in giving deep to the shapes, but I like the drawing at least, specially primarina's tail Notes for this drawing:
  • Backgrounds!! I think I should draw in 3 layers: background, character, foreground. What I like of this style is being able to add and remove parts without caring, but it's harder to draw the bg while you have finished the characters. So I either should draw in layers or sketch all of it at once
  • I have a BW layer to control the shadows, but my palettes tend to look dull despite it. To fix it, after i draw the base shadows, i have to turn on the BW layer and change the curves of the drawing until there's enough contrast. For this one I also added a color gradient to make the colors more vivid
  • I should've added/shadowed with some color other than blue, but all the ones i tried didnt look good... Added strong highlights to try conpensate it
  • Didnt know how to make the hair work tbh... I'm also still unsure if primarina's back hand should look like that

🕓 3 / 1 / 23

I thought of starting a new drawing, but then I got distracted by an essay about how atlus started to misstreat yusuke after p5r so I picked up one of the unfinished drawing from last month
I wanted to work on it more (i pretty much only touched up primarina's face and tail) but my tablet stoped working again 😔

🕓 2 / 1 / 23

Doodle on a napkin, I just wondered how my brush looked like with half tone enabled.
Open on a new tab to actually view the Half tone effect, thought it's just a brush test lol
I should draw Taranza... I love my son

🕓 1 / 1 / 23

Welcome 2023!! You BETTER be good. The first day of it was nice at the very least.
Wanted to use some brushes and color map I downloaded yesterday. I swear every time I try to do a drawing with lineart I remember why I switched to lineless lmao
I got a Ledyba on USUM and now I have fallen in love with this evo line, they're so cute! Look at her DPP sprite!