Welcome to my art log! This is not a gallery, but a place where I can see & writte down my progress in drawing.

More info here, but basically I'm trying to learn how to draw again so I aim to draw daily, even if it's a 5 minute doodle. Almost never goes as planned, but I'm trying!

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Anon. Requests!

I need to draw every day to improve, but I often don't do it because I dont know what to draw.
So I would appreciate lots if you send a request / suggestion to doodle!
The message is completely anonymous.

🕓 30 / 12 / 22

I want to participate in the sticker club. so I tried to do some pixel art for it. I only like the sylveon tho :'p
I have always wanted to learn how to do good pixel art, I want to try to draw some PC98-style stuff
Sylveon looks way better zoomed in. Though if you have to zoom in, I guess it's not good pixel art lol

🕓 28 / 12 / 22

doodled a sad miltank for the bunker doodle room

🕓 25 / 12 / 22

You will never guess what happened! Yeah, my tablet ran out of battery when I just started.
I captured my 1st reshiram on xmas day, so now I associate it with today

🕓 22 / 12 / 22

Do you remember how I wanted to re-draw a screnshot of each one of my AC games? I decided to continue the ACWW one after months, but I barely did anything

🕓 20 / 12 / 22

More unfinished doodles, as you can see this month isnt treating me well so i dont have the energy to spent more than 10 minutes on a drawing. But im managing to draw often and that's what matter ^^
I went bird watching with my friends today, so here are smt birds. Have you seen this one? I wonder if ho-oh was inspired by it, they look almost the same!

🕓 19 / 12 / 22

a de astuta
b de belleza
c de coqueta
i felt bad leaving brionne out the popplio family drawing i started the other day

🕓 17 / 12 / 22

the girlies i bought yesterday, rotating them on my mind

🕓 15 / 12 / 22

tried to put a santa hat over my kirby's sailor hat and now all its colors missmatch lol

🕓 11 / 12 / 22

I knew you all missed her.... I forgot about it for a bit after priming, but today I made some progress on painting pochita. It looks so bad lmao, but it's actually kinda better irl than in pics... Bad in a charming way i guess. I dunno if my sister has black paint (the black is actually dark green & blue mixed together) so i still got the chainsaw left.
I also felt like doing lineart again, so I digitalized the other's day doodle using the pencil-like brush I downoaled last month. I lined and colored without refs so it looks off-model.
Not sure which style I like the most... I find more fun to draw in the paintery one though. Also I just dont know how to shade lmao

🕓 9 / 12 / 22

I was bored in class so I doddled yesterday's fox. And then a bigger one using one of the promo pics as ref.

🕓 8 / 12 / 22

Ok, it isn't actually a LPS, but it looks pretty similar to one! I hope they continue making kemono figures, there are so few but they're so cute, I'm glad GSC seems to have realized they can make bank with them.
I tried to work on yuni yesterday, but I seem to be on a block everytime I have to progress past the plain color/doodle phase of a drawing I'm making from imagination

🕓 6 / 12 / 22

Started to draw yuni, shes my favorite precure ^^
I read an "easy" way to learn how to draw is to just become obssesed with a chaaracter because you will want to draw them as pretty as posible lmao
Makes me excited when i try to draw an human and it doesnt look like a 5yo has drawn it... makes me want to continue drawing to see how i improve

🕓 5 / 12 / 22

Wow actually tried again, 2 minutes little guy

🕓 4 / 12 / 22

Wanted to draw a xmas hamtaro, but my tablet decided to die once again midway. Bestie you're 3 years old, but i havent used you until 5 months ago, you're too young to die....
Will try again tomorrow, re-starting my laptop usually fixes it

🕓 02 / 12 / 22

December is here! Planed to continue with the primarina drawing, but i did so little its no worth to put it here.
Just gave popplio its base colors and messed a bit with primarina's hair shape. Tbh i dont know how to continue it.