I dunno where to put these

Virustotal Check if any url or one of your files got a virus
Tech support wiki What the tin says.
Security Checklist Very complete list for online privacy
Hackblossom More cybersecurity
Easy ussr Torrenting guide
Have I been pwned Check if your email or phone is in a data breach
Saucenao Reverse image search for at sites & boards
Flvretriever Safest way to download audio & videos from youtube (desktop-only)
OBS Studio I use it as screen recorder, but you can stream with it too
Freetubeapp Private youtube client
AnnotationsRestored Display again anotations in Youtube vids (useful for old videos)
DeepL A nice translator. For japanese it's often a bit better than google's, I translate the same stuff using both to try to get the meaning
i2ocr A japanese OCR. Not perfect, but I use it along with the prev link to translate all my japanese books lol
Sakura.ne That one anime dress-up game for XP, still works on Windows10!
Zoro Site I use to watch anime. It has no ads & lets you download the videos too.
Lycanroc Downloads of...idk. It has old programs. And soundfonts. And more
Here FM Watch YT, anime and whatever with other (invited) people, chat & decorate the screen together. Wishing I had friends for this 💔.
tane.us/ac Listen to Animal Crossing hourly songs in real-time
downloads khinsider Download almost every game ost & official albums MP3 and FLAC
ChipTone Make short sound effects from your browser! Super fun to mess with.
404pagefound Collection of old websites that are still up
Marginalia Search engine that priorizes personal sites and similar
Wiby Old web search engine. Has a 'surprise me' button too!
Old vista Search engine for archived geocities & such pages
FraidyCat Follow any kind of acc (personal sites, social medias, wikis...)
Tumblr themes +60 Tumblr themes, OP blog was deleted but the codes for their themes is still up
Tumblr archive tool Tool for saving your Tumblr blog's posts
Pop star misadventures (!) A MS Paint Kirby comic I used to be obsesed with.
The adventures of Bidoof (!) I'm dying Squirtle
The fanlistings (!) The main fanlisting directory. Has some old gems
Amassment (!) A shrine directory of a small comunity
The Cutting Room Floor Wiki that documents cut & beta game content
Capcom archives You can change Capcom for any other company to view more.
GSC Blog Official review blog for GSC. View prototypes a bit before they open the preorders!
Figma Blog Same as before but for Max Factory. Despite the name, it shows things other than Figmas
My figure Collection Comunity for figure/merch archive, reviews, tutorials, photos & shop! Super useful
My anime shelf Another figure database. Sometimes has figures missing or pics in better quality than MFC
ShinChaneros Shin-chan en castellano :)
FR Glimmer & Gloom tool Tool to beat Fligh Rissing's G&G mini-game. Instructions are here


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