January 9th 2021 ~ 10:23pm
oh also some of espella’s poses are very similar to haori dgs’!!
TAGS: #the hand in chest; praying n another one #i will make a comparison when i finish the game!
January 9th 2021 ~ 10:18pm


TAGS: #also i dont remember the name of the og with but both her & espellas name end w -ella hmmm #also espella has some pstd going on w that witch or something it seem
January 9th 2021 ~ 10:11pm

maya bakery au is the best thing this game has come up wit
January 9th 2021 ~ 9:18pm

i have just meet her, shes so cute!! 😭😭 she holds her hair w little books & blows a kiss at you in some of her animations…. 🥺🥺
TAGS: #shes the librarian!! you get to see her eyes in some of her sprites; but she hides them so fast o|-| #she hates being seen without her glasses for some reason #ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME ARE SO CUTE...
January 8th 2021 ~ 9:57

TAGS: #HE SAID 'WELCOME' TO THE TUNE OF OBJECTION mdbdkd #also maya w the bakery outfit looks so cute!! #this is the only part i knew from the game before starting playing gdkdbd
January 7th 2021 ~ 9:31pm
im still in denial that darklaw is only 20, she looks WAY older than that….. her teacher model makes her look very similar to sithe dgs & shes a ~30yo mother….
TAGS: #How are we the same age... also shes a teacher at 20yo? and her student is just 2 years younger than her...? anyways; i will keep pretending shes ~30yo #OH ALSO SHES REALLY TALL... 😳😳😳 she is all tall as the 3ds screen.... thats.. very tall..... women..
January 7th 2021 ~ 9:08pm

she kinda attempted to kill nick in the middle of court
TAGS: #ALSO THIS IS WHERE THAT ONE MAYA REACTION PICS COMES FROM.... the things im learning w this game... $70 well spent...... (well actually my mother bought it for.me as a gift; thanks you mom) #also the remixed music is so nice!!
January 6th 2021 ~ 10:41pm
my motives for playing plvsaa are 1)study dgs’s predecessor & its impact on it 2)titty
TAGS: #jokes aside; i love to see the influence it had in dgs.... #i cry everytime they mention nick is american tho hdldhs #ALSO THE MUSIC.... as expected is soo great 🥺🥺 n the character design!! nuri always makes super cute female characters. #OH AND THE WITCHES DESIGN... THEY'RE SO COOL i cant wait to finish the game; i really want to open the art book o|-| i keep looking at the cover & going 'hehe this is sherlocks eyes..... oh this is barok face 😑 nice thats susato's expression!!' #im so curious abt everyone beta designs... i bought the art book completely blind!! usually; i try to find lots of scans of books before buying them to check if theyre interesting; but since both of them are nuris art & the only 2 pages i saw have the same structure as the dgs books; i knew i would like it 😊 #i have onlu seen 1 page of darklaws art & the famous aa/pl artstyle swap meow
january 6th 2021 ~ 10:07pm
TAGS: #the one when shes like 'yes thats it!!' n does a swing motion w both arms ... #how do you explain gestures.. #anyways, maya does it but shes completely facing st you while susato has her body mostly facing at the bench but w her face looking at you #i dont remember maya doing it in aa1-2
January 6th 2021 ~ 9:46pm

looks AND stable job, girl has everything
TAGS: #oh i wish their ages were shown in the court recors like in main aa games..... i know darklaw is 20 but idk whats espellas age #i want to know it before saying stuff abt her
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