January 6th 2021 ~ 9:36pm

but also…… i thought she was a cat girl???? have i lived in a lie for 6 years…..?? like, i know the kitty is named darklaw like her, so i thought that the cat could transform into a human, but her cat ears were still visible in her human form, so she used that horn hair accessory thing to hide them……
TAGS: #o|-| no catgirl wife but thats ok #i think the possessed espella or something but thats ok too; both of them are girlbosses so its a win for feminism either way
January 6th 2021 ~ 9:25pm
…..also espella is kinda pretty too 😔👉👈
TAGS: #also yeah this is a trial ep!! #maya is here 🥰 #why do i like these models better than the aa ones.... maybe its the coloring idk?
January 6th 2021 ~ 9:23pm

TAGS: #OR LITTLE BADGER i have forgotten its name lol #i think this is gonna be a court ep?? :o
January 6th 2021 ~ 5:27pm

wish that were me
January 6th 2021 ~ 4:54pm

Tags: #CAR ACCIDENT GOODBYE.... the pun names never stop... #also this game uses motion controls too right?
January 6th 2021 ~ 4:34pm

son boy located
TAGS: #THE WITCHES' DESIGN IS SO COOL... #also nick sounds exactly like how i imagined him... i think they should have picked a voice w a bit of higher pitch for maya tho #ALSO LAYTON GOIN 'OH DONT WORRT LUKE; MAGICAL WITCHES DONT EXIST :)' & WHILE A WITCH DESTROYING LONDON APPEARS ONSCREEN hldhfl #ok back when i was hyperfixated into pl i read that the plot twist for this gane is once again 'the town isnt real' but thats ok im still curious ^^ #i heard theres a dude called the storyteller; so i guess that hes the one somehow making the stuff appear also i know darklaw is the daughter of someone; so im guessing maaybe the storyteller is her father
January 6th 2021 ~ 4:15pm
TAGS: #im kinda sad that this is gonna be my last pl game #i still think it has the best videogame ost honestly #10yo me tried to steal a violin from my aunts monastery because it bkdfsf (i still want to learn how to play the violin)
Hanuary 6th 2021 ~ 4:06pm

maya’s gf kinda looks like venus, her lost twin…
TAGS: #nuri's little red riding hood girls #ok i will start playing now @the only art i saw of her was her holding mayas hand iirc; i think theyre neat @also i heard this games story is a trip but idk if the ppl said that because they only have played aa games; so the pl stories feel like ????? #tho tbh im playing for the characters; not for the story
January 6th 2021 ~ 10:50am
also idk whos this, but i love her, fave secondary character i think
January 6th 2021 ~ 10:48am
Notes: I had a countdown on my blog, I wrote "5 days until i finally meet my wife darklaw", then the consecutive reblogs with "4.." "3..." "2..." "1..." and then rebloged with this post
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