ok so im slowly working on trying to recover my persona playthrus from my
deleted tumblr, but since i will finally be able to play p5 i wont check it or upload it
here to not remember things abt it, i want surprises

in the meanwhile, have this edit i made the 1st/2nd (?) time i saw goro

also her

and if you were wondering why it takes me so long to recover stuff...
the official ~ tumblr recovery ~ looks like this

and do you know how many entries/post i got?

and thats not even all my stuff, the recovery goes up to december, i had my tumblr until march iirc.
actually, the fact that tumblr's recovery is formated that badly is what made me want to start the lb page, so i can check my past stuff easily
and even tho livebloging here isnt as intiutive as doing it on a social media, im having fun 👍

(ok i just wanted to complain a bit & remind everyone that goro shops @ the able sisters lol)

(also im taking a liking to writte in plain html? thinking abt my placeholder aigis shrine...
stupid rambles on plain html the best placeholders)