27th February 2021
☝️what playing persona3 feels like tbh
28th February 2021
oh no, theyre self aware 😭😭
NOTES: #i mean; the bikini Does give her 20 points more in defence than her older armour #but yeah im sorey mitsuru but youre gonna spent the rest of the game fighting demons half naked #(unless i find a cuter cloth later)
28th February 2021
baby πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
NOTES: #i have heard hes the worst party member but idc; hes gonna be a permanent member in my team #i really like my party rn ^^ #unless the vacant girl room gets occupied by a super cute chara; i think my current team is gonna be the final one
28th February 2021
his persona
28th February 2021
i can play p3 on my phone, but at what cost...
NOTES: #I HAD NO IDEA THEY CUT CONTENT 😭 #i want cutscenes........... n extra chapters...... πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #i have to look up if the ppsspp guys have made other emulatorss.... #i dont think so; but i lose nothing by checking
28th February 2021
oooh, since i got both aigis & koro in my party, aigis translates what koro barks during battles :o
NOTES: #i dont understand spoken english; but im pretty sure thats it :o #like; she always speak right after koro attacks i think she said something abt insects? #maybe its abt the enemies being insects..?
28th February 2021
also im accidentally making the p3 protag a himbo by improving his charm & courage but ignoring his academics
NOTES: #help i keep forgetting to make him study i hope mitsuru like dumb guys
1st March 2021
i hope aigis knows shes the only character
NOTES: #apparently you only can take yukari to the movies πŸ˜” #i like her; but i wanted to take mitsuru #also they tricked me into thinking i could take koro into the movies; but they dont let me πŸ˜”
2nd March 2021
nvm this is a good game actually
NOTES: #KORO 😭😭😭 #also unrelated; but yay im glad we are finally geting story stuff more often; it took 28 hours @.@ #anyways i cant wait to see how the story wil develop :) #i hope it doesnt hurt me as much as p2 l
2nd March 2021
before i go to sleep, i finally saved enough money & could buy aigis the cute dress :) (it doesnt give her a special dialogue like mitsurus bikini tho….)
NOTES: #i wish you could buy her cute arms canons too.... #why are the outfits so expensive 😭😭 300k yen... #at least now that im on the 100th tartarus floor i can get money a bit more easily
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