21th February 2021
yay we found her :)
i love how she was 'umm i just avoided the monsters for 10 hours? lol :)'
NOTES: #but also as someone who has been bullied for 8 whole years; im not sure how i want this story to be 😑 #like; the bullies have absolutely no sympathy from me; but also i dont want something too bad to happen to them; their designs are cute; but also 😑😑
22th February 2021
junpei has been removed from the team for ugly clothes crimes
NOTES: #this is abt persona; but it can be applied to zero escape as well #anyways; it sucks that you only can have up to 4 party members instead of 5 like in the other games 😔 when more ppl join the sees; its gonna be so hard to pick which members to carry.... #also i will have to level all of them up like pokemon f
22th February 2021
NOTES: # LOVE HER.... #chimera is very useful; but i think i will use this one now.. #im trying to get unicorn; but since all its attacks are defensive; im trying to find a good fusion that gives it offensive moves #.....this is worse than pokemon egg moves lol #i love the fusion mechanic tho; i think its my fav new mechanic in this game ^^
2th February 2021
what the fuck is persona3 about
NOTES: GIRLFRIEND CYCLING ...i have no idea what any of these words mean actually epic that i can romance mitsuri tho; wife time #i had no idea there was more romance option like; the one im doing rn was an accident lol but at least shes cute; yuko my beloved :) #i gave her a tiny cactus & im helping her to train little kids; i like her story #also playing eternal punishment & p3 at the same time is SO funny; the change in tone is wild
22th February 2021
its cool that i can change the dugneons theme, but i also find super funny the concept of being the leader of a secret organisation & having your manager change the spotify playlist for you in the middle of a serious operation
NOTES: fuuka please play bad bunny & daddy yankee #WAIT IT CAN PLAY MAYAS THEME... 😭😭
22th February 2021
im removing akihiko from the team as soon as i can solely because i keep misreading his persona name as ‘polycutes’ & i cant do this anymore
NOTES: #his secret weapon..... his queer platonic datemate polycute.... #+his persona is ugly anyways
22th February 2021
NOTES: FINALLY MET HIM :D #koro my friend koro #puppy party member!! 🥺🥺 #unrelated; but i havent gone to tartarus in like a week i really want to advance w tbe story already
23th February 2021
hiìii *twirs hair*
NOTES: #the rest of her team are..... white jesus & some dude with the ugliest color scheme i have ever seen #but yeah.. hiii 🥺
23th February 2021
NOTES: #so; everytime i return to the dorm akihiko goes 'Where Have You Been 😑' isntead of saying hello like everyone else; so i think he would find apartment complex simple
25th February 2021
+her father hit her…….
wheres the option to bring her to the dorm n adopt her, theres like 4 empty rooms there
NOTES: #mitsuru: what do you have there #p3 protag w maiko on his arm: a smoothie
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