14th February 2021
i managed to get p3 working on my phone 👀👀, how much of a bad idea for my mental health would be to play 2 persona games at once
(☝️rhetoric question because i have already started it lol) i dont think i will liveblog much because i will be playing outside (n i cant waste data) + i cant use 2 apps at the same time, you know. But i will probably screenshots what cathced my attention n post thoughts regardless
NOTES: dgs didnt worked 😔 n i need something to keep me entertained during my daily 3-5 bus hours...... i had to pick the guy chara; this is so mean. Well; i couldve picked the girl; but the game said its better to pick the boy if this is your 1st time playing p3.... im curious abt the girl route tho :o i will start playing correctly tomorrow!! im very excited because i know theres a dog
14th February 2021
started playing p3 seriously & i named the protag ‘petal bloom’, but now that i think abt it, that sounds like a pokemon move lol
NOTES: i think i will go with a flower theme for all the protags #oh also i met a guy named junpei hi jumpy 2 #btw can anyone pray for me i dont think playing eternal punishment & p3 simultaneously is gonna be good for my mental health lol #when i talked to my friend abt me starting p3 n hoping no one dies like in p2; she just replied with '🙂' & im scared now 😭😭
15th February 2021
shes so pretty 🥺🥺
NOTES: #also i love how i can play actual games on my phone now :o #i have never tried emulating on my phone before.... #the sprites look kinda blurry; but its ok you cant have everything i guess
February 15th, 2021
do they call their personas by shooting themselves in the head???????
NOTES: #thats so aggressive wtf dkdhpdp #wait since im now playing 2 persona games at once n i use the same tag for them; you all will have to guess which game im talking abt lol
February 15th, 2021
woah, just like zer-
NOTES: #i cant take him seriously w that name lshdp #also i noticed that when i talk abt them in my mind; i call the 999 one junpei & the persona ome jumpy; even tho i think it should be backwards lol #anyways... 1st dungeon time....! o|-|
February 15th, 2021
mitsuru, pokemon mystery dungeon gave me anxiety over teammates getting separated from me in dugneons & dying, i cant do that 😭😭
NOTES: #idk hiw separating from youe team woudl benefit you tho.... #also help the battle & dungeon system is so different feom persona2 😭😭 #I MISS TALKING TO THE MONSTERS.... that was my fav thing 😭😭 #i played a bit of p5 (read: me going hii💕 to my friend so she lets me walk around dungeons because i love the music + aes) & i think this whole thing is now more similar to it; but my friend did most battles for me so lol
February 16th, 2021
glad theyre acknowledging it at least 😭😭
NOTES: #having to see how the characters shot themselves in battle to attack is so....
February 16th, 2021
persona3 feels like pokemon super mystery dugneon,
you go to school, explore dungeons, make friends, maybe your father is evil
NOTES: #i wonder whats the deal w the protag's parents is that teacher was all uh when she saw their names #also it has been.....5? 4? years n im still not over the nuzleaf plot twist 😭😭
February 16th, 2021
p3 protag, 17yo, never learnt how to read
NOTES: #unrelated; but i miss so much being able to talk/befriend the monsters 😭😭 it was my favorite mechanic in p2.....
February 17th, 2021
im 7 hours into p3 & so far the biggest drama that has happened is that my swimming team bro broke his ankle
☝️unrelated, but yukari n the protag are so pretty
NOTES: #i have mixed feelings abt the new kind of gameplay.... #like; the school things are fun; but i wish it was a post-gane thing or something? i want more dugneons & story & rpg.... #i wonder when the actual story will start.... #oh also i wish the charas had a tiredness marker like in pmd with the hunger level marker idk when they will get tired; so im scared of continuing exploring the dugneon :( #i do 4 floor per exploration im at the 13th floor of the 1st dugneon
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