April 21st, 2021
didnt screenshoted it, but mai started to cry because mr. bear was dead & then ran away 😭
NOTES: #i think i answered wrong to her questions.... #i remember in the playthru i watched she was reluctant to give away her pendant #but she agreed to give it at the end iirc #but here she ran away crying & dropped the pendant instead
April 25th, 2021
this monster did more for feminism than all twitters liberals combined
NOTES: #he gave me a garnet, thanks u bro #....umm does it have a giant dick or am i misinterpreting his sprite
April 25th, 2021
help so for the past 10 minutes, my game has entered a loop where nanjo cant attack due to being charmed, but also cant die because he absorbs the enemy’s attacks………….
i really hope the cupids fail to use marin karin for 2 turns so nanjo finally gets a chance of attacking, i have just beat kandori & i wasnt able to save…
April 25th, 2021
ft. ellly taking all the exp like always lol it didnt let me escape the battle
NOTES: #he managed to snap out the charm for a turn; so i used it to befriend the monster so it became happy n didnt attack me
April 25th, 202
April 25th, 202
i had no idea abt this…. i was aware that there was a ‘good'n 'bad’ route depending on how you replied to mak, but i thought that it only would affect in not getting the ultimate personas…
im excited abt getting this because i had no idea it existed, but im also kinfa sad because the game cuts off right before my fav part & i was so excited to experience it myself…..
i think im gonna try doing the snow queen quest now!! The playtheu i watched back in december was the sebec route, so i know nothing of SQQ! ^^ im sad in couldnt finish my 1st playthru tho…. but yay its ayase time, i love her so much
NOTES: #what i replied to mai was “its true but... / for everyones sake / to find my reason” #i think the 1st one is the bad one #but also it feels so cold to just tell her to go out by force...??
April 25th, 2021
i wish i had made a save state before replying to mai, i kinda feel now that all the hours i spent on the game were for nothing 💔
i mean, thats technically a good ending, but i missed a decent chunk of story + my fav monologe n scene…..
well theres no use im crying over it i will start another savefile tomorrow for sqq 😤
April 26th, 2021
ok i started the new savefile for the sqq, his new name is michito gatito :)
NOTES: #it would translate to kitten kitty or something like #it comes from a nursery rhyme #misito gatito :) #my grandma used to sing me it all the time when she was alive because i dislile being touched #so everyone call me cat irl #also i love talking abt 25yo games no one cares abt
April 29th, 2021
im reading a guide for the snow queen quest & it sounds like everything but fun 💀💀
NOTES: #literally its at the very start of the game & for having survival chances you have to grind to at least lv20 #AND before that; you have to sit in the casino to farm coins to exchange for tablets to fuse personas with op skills & then when you active the quest you have to do 4 whole dugneons WITH A TIMER AND NO SAVE STATES... #3 hours is the limit imagine fainting once & having to restart 3 whole hours of dugneon crawling 💀💀 #persona 1 i love you so much; but why are you like this #im so glad i restarted tonight because the sqq didnt activated for some reason because i was unaware of all that & i was abt to start it at lv9 lmao #even now, i had no idea of the casino part n i already went to the alaya shrine... #but at least im leveling up; im at lv.16 rn #I think i will grind to lv.25 to have an easier time #I would go to lv30 #but i think i dont have the patience fkr that #the enemies are too low leveled
April 29th, 2021
sqq here i goooo
NOTES: #imagine not having a giant side quest that takes up lile half of the game -this post was made by persona 1 for the psp #im reading a guide n apparently sqq is Not that bad; but the thing is that if you want to get the characters' ultimate personas you have to start the quest going to the hardest dugneon lol #thats why they always say to grind to lv+20 n farm casino coins n all before starting it #but i dont mind using normal personas, so i will play normally #starting from the easiest dugneon #im at lv18; so i already grinded a bit lol
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