December 29th, 2020
froggy :)
NOTES: #im not livebloging much; but im still playing persona #hmm im playing very slowly n barely talking because since its a new series for me & im only at the beggining; im not finding it very interesting yet; so i find hard to sit down n play o(-( #hmm but i like the characters... theyre nicer than i expected i find so funny that they just carry guns t around the town tho dkfgdg
December 29th, 2020
nice 999 referenc-
NOTES: #my girl maki accessing the field...
December 30th 2020
oooh we fighting a kitty tank while circus music plays in the bg…. game of the year
NOTES: #lso the little girl is named aki?? maki's fackin...
December 30th, 2020
me back in march when i had to quarantine for 3 months
NOTES: #at least i had the balcony tho....
December 30th, 2020
[Lost pic of Mai]
a baby 🥺🥺
NOTES: #so far we got: #hospital maki #weird timeline maki #lil bastard baby maki #baby baby maki #shes like an eevee; dual evolutions..... #also im so glad i ended up watching a plythru instead of playing myself..... the enemy encounter rate is wild & battes are kinda long #im skipping all non-boss battles lol #i want to play the game myself tho... #i know p5 doesnt have random encounters but i wonder abt the rest.... #also woops im getting confused w the story too many characters; too many names 💔 #i know 5 nicknames so far.... but like; i have to learn everyones nicknames AND real names..... o|-|
January 3rd, 2021
& today i want to give thanks once again to +20yo vidigames for giving me the words i needed to hear
NOTES: # 'with out without a resaon; im going to live a life i wont regret' 😭😭
January 3rd, 2021
maki my friend maki
NOTES: #shoutout for her for hating the police too
January 3rd, 2021 5:31pm
NOTES: #i relate to her too.... o|-| #anyways; i usually hate the 'oh it was all dream' plot twists; but im not even slightly angry w this one... #i think it was good done *well done #baby maki the 1st has just dissapeared
January 3rd, 2021
January 3rd, 2021
fgdfgkjd go king!!
NOTES: #1st kay now mark #why do i find sudden kicks so funny
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