Aug 23, 2020

aww, i examined the paper again but w susato & ryunosuke told her abt the rice & that it was so hard to do that because for him losing a bit of food has dangerous because he didnt had much food & then susato told him that she had glue n that he could use anytime he wanted 🥺🥺🥺

TAGS:#too lazy to take screenshots but 🥺
Aug 23, 2020
TAGS: #IF YOU FLIP ASOUGI ITS EVEN MORE SIMILAR..... #i left it unflipped tho because it #looked weird w the hair bangs flipped #ANYWAYS... SIBLINGS...........
Aug 23, 2020
Aug 23, 2020
1-1 -> 1-2
Aug 23, 2020
its so funny reading my original dgs + pre-dgs2-5 liveblog....
i kept calling susato & asougi siblings without realizing it was canon actually...
TAGS:#they always gave me sibling vibes for some reasons; i #couldnt believe dgs2 confirmed it TToTT
Aug 23, 2020
?i dont really remember, but i have he feeling nick said this line in the triology too
TAGS: #anyways; help ryuunosuke 💔 #hmm i should have started a susato toss counter #i didnt remember it happened so often in this case
Aug 23, 2020
oh, i have just noticed that the bg of the main screen changes depending on which case you’re playing! :o
i wonder how will it look in the next cases…..
nvm, it changes depending on the last location you saved in!!!
TAGS: #what a cute detail! #also the title theme is so good #OH AND BTW!! #ABT TO DO MY 1ST JOINT REASONING!! #i wonder hows the music; i have only listened #to the dgs2 reasoning w [redacted] #because i had to watch the playthry w/out #sound for like 90% of the time
Aug 23, 2020
jfhdg RYUU NO.....
also susato is always so nice to him when he mentions that he barely ate during the trip 😢😢😢
TAGS: #she always offered him glue when he said that #he had to use his rice to make a #sticky paste for the wardrobe paper...
Aug 23, 2020
TAGS: #hi i think she has just murdered ryuu!! #cant blame her tho =( #dgs lb#also wee loving the extra text im getting#my laptop is dying but its ok!
Aug 27, 2020
TAGS: #jhkjdfg me
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