Sep 2, 2019
TAGS: #i have just meet them; but i think theyre the 2nd #valid m/f couple in media #nothing will top desie & ron tho
Sep 2, 2019
her sprites are cute
TAGS: #i have just remember i actually saw her before playing #i were on the wiki & a few of her sprites popped out in the gallery #i thought she was a puppeteer & that her husband#was her puppet dklfgd#...i prefer how i saw them before actually
Sep 3, 2019
TAGS: #this is the 3rd time she says something like this #susato i love u
Sep 3, 2019
why does he poses like a jojo character
TAGS: #i guess it doesnt help that i read him w dio's voice
Sep 3, 2019
shes 10yo, cook something yourself ur fool, youre like 30
TAGS: #i hope she isnt the one who usually cooks in their house
Sep 3, 2019
every single time they mention asougi, i start to cry jdkfgd
TAGS: #aaaaa #at least w mia; she was dead but we still could talk w her #but i dont think there are spirit mediums in this game
Sep 3, 2019
baby number 2!!!
(note: post replying to the one of nikomina's kitty)
TAGS: #did they adopted a stray cat or something??? #i support them wholeheartedly
Sep 3, 2019
baby with a baby......
TAGS: #i love iris so much #Where are the adoption papers
Sep 3, 2019
she made a machine whose only function is to make cat doors....
TAGS: #if you dislike iris block me in this Instant
*blows a kiss at the moon* for susato
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