Aug 3, 2020
*beats asougi up* stop calling her just a legal assistant, thats your sister
TAGS: #did he even called her just mikotoba or susato?
Aug 4, 2020
can they jsut kiss already, im gonna become homophobic if they dont
TAGS: #also apparetly ryuunosuke is a theater buy #boy #i didnt know that
Start of dgs1 replay
Aug 16, 2020
lgjdlgk if you pick yuujin as the victim of the 1st case, asougi doesnt even let you finish
(& if you pick asougi, he just goes ‘’uh? uh? wasnt watson enough? you trying to kill me too? whore’‘)
TAGS: #my laptop if dying but its ok ❤ #i want to play
Aug 16, 2020
i love you king
Aug 16, 2020
TAGS: #me
Aug 16, 2020
aw they removed the duck from his towel in the final design :(
TAGS: #his uniform is also different i think? i need to see the model full body #also i will stop for today; i dont want to torture my laptop ^^ #i will play for abt 15-30 minutes per day#so i will go slow..... case 4 is gonna be hell #someone reminded me of it the other #day... it was so boring........ n pat n rola so anoying...
Aug 17, 2020
jdfgfdjg baby...
(also ‘‘that’s how i made it into yuumei’‘... i wonder if ryuu comes from a wealthy-ish family, wasny yuumei prestigious?)
TAGS: #this happens if you decide to not interrupt #hosonaga when he said there was #no one next to watson
Aug 17, 2020
fkjgdflgjdf ryuu had no idea of what to ask in the cross-examination, so asougi told him ‘‘just anything that picked your interest’‘ & he just
Aug 18, 2020
idk if this was supposed to be sarcastic, but im gonna act like it is not; he likes his eyes ✨
TAGS: #this happens if you present wrong evidence in the #2nd examination w the baby dude
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