Final thoughts

It's not a masterpiece, but I had lots of fun playing and regret none of it! Was definitely worth my time and money, and will grab the sequel as soon I can

Story-wise, I found it a bit lacking on the aspect of mystery: there were some good plot twists, but the general plot gets obvious the second shizue tells you about the mind-swapping. And the execution of it was a bit confusing for my taste. I think this is the first Uchikoshi game where I wasn't surprised by the final plot twist.
The Iris' brain tumour thing also felt very cliche and I wasn't a fan of it; and I'm kind of confused as to why Date remembers other timelines. I know Iris talked about parallel worlds, but it doesn't fit as much here? Uchi being Uchi, I expected him to explain it more like he usually does

Despite that, the characters are AMAZING and it's just so fun to play and seeing them interact! They all have so much charm, even the background NPCs. The tone of the game is very comedy-ish, despite people getting murdered lmao so thanks to that and the character it was just very enjoyable to play, I was smiling during a good chunk of my playthru, they're all my friends....

Also I found the somniums pretty cool, and despite what most people say, I didn't think they were hard/mostly based on luck; I only had problems on the Iris' mom one. So TLDR 10/10 characters can carry a 7.5/10 story and make me love it.

On another note, I'm now even more glad Nirvana Initiative is a thing! I ended up enjoying Mizuki and Aiba more than expected (I thought Iris was gonna be my favorite girl) and, on Mizuki's case, she wasn't as active on the story as I would have liked, so I'm beyond happy she is the protagonist on the sequel!! 40 hours of Mizuki!! 🥰🥰 I'm very curious as to why she lost an eye... and why Date is back on his fake body.

Final playtime: 39 hours
(Now time to collect all the reports! I only noticed them almost at the end :'p)

NOTES: can't wait to meet tama, i love her so much. Boobs in my mouth... now!!
16th August 2022
ALMOST FORGOT! here's the iris making sounds compilation i promissed awhile ago 🐈