October 22th 2018
i have just started playing the ace attorney game & i got my First (1st) question wrong, i can feel how good am i gonna be at this game sdfl
NOTES: #my english level is around the same of a 10 years old kid; how am i supposed to know attorney words djfkdf #that disappointed look the woman gave to me tho, im sorry mia (?) #(i think thats her name¿)
October 27th 2018
maya Ace Attorney: *is sad*
NOTES: #im gonna bake a pizza (yay!!) for dinner & then im gonna continue playing aa# this case is personal to me# 4 killing mia & 4 making maya sad #idk anything about maya; but shes so cute :(
October 27th 2018
NOTES: #i have been playing aa for like 40mins but i think i already got a favorite character# i woldw die for he r#unfollow me if you dislike maya; i dont need that negativity on my life
October 29th 2018
me in court
NOTES: #the nya pose? #the wink? #the tongue out? #kin. #im holding a knife @ her neck tho
October 29th 2018
why does she talks like someone who is gult tripping the people who have called her out for abuse or the like
NOTES: #btw should i tag my liveblog??#its 3 games; i dont want to be #annoying with all the aa postig
October 30th 2018
im so glad maya got a burger in the end, best ending
NOTES: #also everytime i talked here abt april may i got at least one reply or ask about how much that person hated her & it was so funny; #but idk, shes bad; but i didnt found her THAT bad, she was funny #(unless she appears later or something..??)
November 5th 2018
how does he says that with his mouth
NOTES: #im on the last trial session rn #im kinda gay for dee vasquez, shes pretty;;
November 7th 2018
Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my n-
November 5th 2018
maya’s impulse reaction to the producer of her fav show cancelling it was to accuse her of Murder sgdpdbdp i lover her
November 5th 2018

she was right-

Archive note: this is abt the last post, maya was right.
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