Remember my friend I was supposed to meet last month but left us hanging? She did that again. At this point, I'm considering keeping her bday gifts lol. She said she couldn't meet because her baby daughter was sleeping, but we went to her house so she didn't have to move and she still didn't open us... or took my phone calls...
Fighting with the bus company... Used their app for the first time because I left my wallet at home, and when I tried to put money on my bank, it charged me but it didn't appear on the app. Bus says my card doesnt appear on their transitions. But I WILL get my $12 back, those are the shipping costs for my next purchase.
Having thoughts... I'm glad I left social medias. I don't fit any group, one is nice but watches everything I say and interact with, the other is more akin to my views but are edgelords who make fun of everyone and make me uncomfortable.
Now I can still ramble and the website lets me be more creative, but I also feel lonely without the constant interaction or knowing everyone's thoughts instantly, this is like a little island. I suck at group chats but the other day I had to get a discord because a irl friend, I may join one? I kind of want/need to talk to others... But also I got no social skills and suck at talking (just look at poor [redacted].... the patience she's having with me...), so I don't think I will fit
So excited for nirvanAI and I haven't even played the 1st one :'p I kind of regret not buying the collector edition, I will miss that Aiba figure n artbook the rest of my life... but with that money i got the og game & a nendo n some other stuff, so I guess it was worth skipping it.
There's also another ARG going on? Sadly it updates at 4AM so I can't see it real-time. OH AND THE DLC COSTUMES.... nirvanAI already GOTY just for giving them hotdog costumes instead of horny fanservice ones (but maybe their normal clothes *are* the sexualized ones lol...)
Do you guys remember those "fill surveys and get money" sites??? Are those still a thing? I'm sure they were a scam, but a scam for what? Or maybe was just to collect data about you? This pokemon pet site I liked when I was little had a premium currency and one of the ways to get them for free was to participate on those surveys, but they never worked for me. It always gave me an error when submitting my answers.
A little rant... I’m thinking about that post that said that we arent globalised, but US-cultured, it’s so true.... I hate how everything the US does, we have to do, anything the US thinks is progressive, we have to think it's progressive.

Just top it all with no critical thinking + 1-strike-you’re-out, US’ hyper-individualism and you got today’s (mostly internet’s) culture. You can’t think. Everyone fights to be the Wokest (tm), If everyone says something is correct, then it must be & if you think or explore a bit outside the norm it means you want everyone dead. Everything is black and white and based on the US, what people think, what the government does...

i wish more people realised this... that’s actually the main reason I left social media, I can’t stand the constant fighting, the always having to know every social issue 100%, the victim blaming, the black/white mentality, the hyper-individualism (you can't look at issues on a greater scale anymore because ‘’oh how you dare to step on this person’s happiness!’’ & brands/acts acting as people’s identity now).... I wish this stayed just on the internet, but as I said even the government is acting like whatever the US wants us to act.

So excited!! The body and clothes for my Makoto nendo arrived!! I'm let down with the body, it's the colour I wanted and it moves well, but it's full of dents and the joints seem like they will snap anytime. I payed $20 for it and the $14 one I bought for my sister was WAY better (the colour was a mismatch tho)

But ok, I learnt my lesson, next time I will buy from the official seller, the prices seem similar ^^ The good news!! The clothes look SO CUTE, they're way better than I expected!! I'm so in love with the maid dress... I also bought a cat hoodie :3c It's the 1st time I got one of these, they feel like a baby in my hands... I hope they reprint the aigis nendo so he can match 100% in proportions with her

Remember the woman double my age that for some reason hated me guts? One of my classmates. Well, since she’s the only one with a car she’s the one who buys us the clay. Now she doesn’t badmouth me or my friends, so I have no idea if it's fake or not; but we both asked her for clay a month ago and since she doesn’t tell us when she brought it to class, it has been rotting on her car.....

I asked her about it last week since she didn’t tell us, but she took it back to her shop since we didn’t collect it. And again, she brought it back but didn’t tell us..... It has been so long I’m too embarrassed to ask her again. I have been even dreaming that I asked her about it lmao; I know we are the ones who asked for the clay, but can’t she tell us when she brings it?


On another note, I asked someone on FR to sell me one of their dragons since it was on their sales tab. I asked if I could get him for 130g since the rest of permababies were at that price, but then they doubled the price (to 210g) since apparently that’s the price they brought him for, and that if I was ok with that, they would make a private trade with me. I accepted since that’s still cheaper than a scroll, I waited for the trade and......  a week after they sold that dragon to someone else instead??? I got no reply, no trade, anything.... ok..

Unrelated pic since I now like ending entries w them

I'm right.
(also neocities keeps messing up with my site's preview?? when it's not a giant marie, its containers with no overflow)
The painted versions of Tatsuya & Maya's Nendoroids released this morning and WOW THEY'RE SO CUTE??? Unlike with Makoto (I'm still a bit disappointed with him, but I know when he arrives I will love him -u-), the colours improved these A TON. Look at those shiny eyes! And the hair colours!
I especially like Tatsuya's blushy face.... that was so unexpected! He comes with an extra faceplate, Jun's lighter, a sword and his microphone!! Meanwhile Maya comes with 2 extra faceplates, her 2 barbie pink guns, a reporter microphone & a little fence with (philemon? but he's blue... but it's the butterfly at the end of IS) butterfly sitting on it
They feel like they come with a lot? Especially Maya! I wonder how GSC chooses the amount of accessories nendos come with.... lately it feels like the trend are 3 accessories & 3 faceplates, but both Makoto and Tatsuya come with just 2 faces! And Maya comes with 4 accessories & 3 faceplates?? All for the same price??

I'm SO tempted to get Maya... Originally, I was waiting for her pre order to open to buy both Maya and Makoto, but turns out GSC doesn't combine orders anymore 😭😭 And there's no way I'm paying an extra $40 on top of Makoto's extra $40 in shipping and customs... GSC why don't you open an EU store already!!??

Remember the figure/manga store that opened in a city near me? I'm thinking on asking him if he will stock Maya or if I can preorder her (his stuff are either retail price or retail+shipping, so as minimum I save $20), but even yet, that's an important amount of money.... I'm kinda torn, but I want so many artbooks and figures, so I think I may pass, I can get a bunch of 2nd hand stuff for the price of a single nendo.