Woooo, it's June! I feel like I had lots of things to say, but me forgor... Classes has just finished, which sucks because it's the only way I can gp outside and feel productive. It also means the end (me being thrown out to look for a job) is almost there... I dunno if anyone would want to employ me.. I wish my uncle could pull some strings to get me a job at the hospital's kitchen -_-
Also it's pride month again... 30 days of everyone talking about men in wigs while blaming every single problem in the lgbt comunity on us lesbians...
On brighter news, we got new P3 art!! So cute!! Kotone's legs 👌👌 I'm glad they picked blue instead of pink this time, she looks so cute! On another note, I can't stop laughing at the pokemon news + I Need that bunny in my life. I got super low expectations on the game, but I will just look it up for $20 second-hand, so idc much

The chibi art is so cute too
Time to talk about... furries, lol. Did you know my website is named baguette because that's my mascot (a pink cat) name? I don't have a fursona (or persona) because I can never fully relate to something I create, but I made that OC when I was 12 and she became kind of a mascot to me, she's my only OC I care about. I recently gave her a little redesign, I will wait to learn to draw again to show her ^^

And back to furries, I wish they weren't considered a sexual thing by most people, I have to hide it because that... I like animals and I like cute things, they're the perfect mix. Someday I want to have my own fursuit! I find the western/disney ones kinda creepy, but kemonos are too cute!! I want to be a giant plush too, people seem to have lots of fun ^^
And since no one sees me while I'm wearing a suit, I think my social anxiety would ease a bit and I would be more carefree. I need $3000 now lol I wonder if there are furries where I live... When I learn to draw better I want to get in touch with the community.

Photos: One, two, three
*Starts rolling on the ground* IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!
I wanted to start reading/watching yuri, because well, I'm a lesbian. When I left social media I stumbled with Dynasty Scans, and read a bit. Sadly most of the ok stuff I saw was NSFW which is cool, but I also want normal fluff.
But yesterday I decided to skim over a bit more and found about The Sheep Princess in Wolfs Clothing and OMG WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? It has all the stuff I love I don't know what more I could ask for... I spent all day reading it and haven't been able to stop smiling, everything is too cute, wholesome and funny!! Please read it if you like yuri or romance in general, it's so good. *Small note if you decide to read it: the 1st chapter has a spicy-ish scene, but it's only 2 pages and nothing is shown. The rest of the manga is all SFW and pure.
I got real sad this morning thinking again about my lack of friends (i only have 1 irl friend, and i had to cut contact with all my online ones). I had been bullied up until I was 15yo, so I never socialised nor had friends growing up (or now) and it makes me so sad. I don't know how to talk to people now, I wish I were normal. It's something silly, but I'm also sad I never had a bday party because everyone treated me like a circus animal, so one of my dreams is to finally have one. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now with no friends online or irl (I got 1 irl, but she dislikes going out, so I mostly just talk. Also I love her, but I'm kind of tired, I want to meet new people too!) Also that's why I made a page about hamsters, to cheer me up ^^' It kind of worked actually.

On better news, they're finally translating Persona 3 in languages other than english!! First it was P5R, then P4U and now P3 & P4, I'm very excited ^^ I'm bittersweet because P3 REALLY needed a remake + the port kind of sucks with all the bad AI upscaled textures, but if it ends up being $20 like P4G I will most likely end up buying it to support the translation, I really want to play in spanish!!

I got P4G and wasn't able to even finish the 1st day because it fries my laptop, but since P3P is 80% VN and Tartarus got like 10 polygons max, I hope it runs better. P3P for PS5, Steam, Windows & Xbox. Persona 3 Unportable. They did it
I want to play P5 too... I saw a playthru, but I slept thru most of it. I thought the writing wasn't very good except for 1 n half castle, but it seems very fun to play!! I actually bought vanilla for my friend back when it came out because both of us wanted to play it lol. But I don't have any console for it, so I'm still here :__3
Also I have noticed how the diary entries keep being longer each time...
Something tiny, but I'm very excited!! Thanks to Flashpoint I was able to access the original jp P3 FES and eng P3P websites!! Since they're M-rated games, you have to enter your age to access it, and to do so it uses flash, so they don't work on the internet archive anymore.
FES is incomplete and was a bit tricky to get it to work (you have to extract the files and open the HTML inside it instead of running it thru Flashpoint like the rest), but is still so cool!! I need to better browse them, I think I will spend a bit playing around. It has a ton of sites archived.
(Also today we had to vote, but I was lazy because period + heatwave and didn't go... I feel kinda bad, but I will go next time! I vote blank most of the time, but I want to show there's interest in voting, it's very important!)
Last night I went out with my sister to eat icecream ^^ But sadly, they ran out of cinnamon milk again... Also this morning I finally got the 14th medal in pokemon crystal! For some reason the Kanto postgame always confuses me on gen 2.... I still got my 2014 HGSS playthru unfinished lol

But to the actual point I wanted to talk about... I started to play with a ver 3.0 layout! But I honestly don't know what to do.. I like my current one, but I miss pink, it feels kind of edgy, it's too cluttered and I want to change the links. So far I got this, I like the links layouts & the edits I made, but I don't feel like it's mine. Yeah, it got my OTP and all, but its too minimalist without soul....

I think I will just continue looking for other sites for inspo.... I may change my current sidebar tho, but I will miss the ads and doot labrys.