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Epoch's bunny collections

Found at: Epoch official site

I can't read the page well since it's in japanese, but from what it seems Epoch is a company that makes capsule toys of different things. One of their collections is rabbit-themed! Honestly all of their stuff is super cute, but I think the rabbits are the best. Inside that colletion there are different sets: artist rabbits, makeup, bunnies making pancakes... and even one of them are functional stamps! Looking at these tiny rabbits healed my soul, please go to that site and look up all the collections, you won't regret it.

Pullip Nana-chan

Found at: Dolly insider

I found out about Pullips back in 2019 after spending almost a whole summer watching Monster High repaint videos on youtube. They really made me want to buy a doll since I never had one. At first I found Dolfie Dream, but their price was leagues outside my budget, so I began to look up less expensive dolls. That was when I saw Pullip! I loved all their designs, but the one that really charmed me was Nana-chan. She's probably one of the simplest dolls: almost no make-up, a plain dress, mono-color.... she doesn't even come with shoes! but honestly I think that simplicity is what made me fall in love, she is one of the softest dolls I have ever seen. I really hope I can get her someday, she's a little sleepy cat! The perfect doll to start my collection, she fits me so well lol.

Amuse Ferret Plushes

Site: Amunet.jp

Cute ferrets!! Have you seen those colourful alpaca plushies, the sleepy unicorn & cheeky bunnies and hamsters? Well, these ferrets are made by the same company! But it seems they aren't as popular as the other mascots (that isn't stopping pages from making fakes of them tho lol). I actually don't have much to say, I just found them very cute & wanted to share. You can visit amuse's site for other cute mascots ^^

Strawberry Bunny

Creator's shop: Taobao, Weibo

THESE RABBITS.... Probably one of the cutest plushies I have ever seen. I keep seeing it popping up on my Tumblr dash, but I wasn't able to find much info, 80% of google results were reuploads to twitter, pinterest and such. Until I found this reddit post! The TLDR is that this bunny is a limited item from a chinese seller, they went in preorder 2 years ago. Since she sells in Taobao & the listing is most likely gone, it's like impossible to get one, but hey at least I'm glad I now know its origins.

(I have seen US shops selling these for around $70-90, but don't buy them, they're fakes! The materials seem good, but you can easily see how the pattern is worse in the client pictures (the listing uses the og stock photo), especially the hood. Don't spend almost $100 on them, its dishonest to both the original creator & your wallet)

Hanyo Usagi

Found at: Line store

Today while looking for cute stickers I found out about a character I already knew (what?!). I have seen plushies of this rabbit everywhere and even tho I have always found it so cute, I never looked into it. When I saw the Line theme I was like 'oh what a cute character! I wonder who it is...' and until I googled its name and saw the plushies I didn't notice I already had seen it, the style of the art & merch are different enough that I didn't connect them lol. Turns out it's a character from the same line as Gloomy Bear (I'm sure you already know about him), and it's a rabbit who got suuuper long ears due to cross-breeding, and it uses them to do various things. I can't find merch of it on the official website though.....


Websites: Tumblr, Twitter

I don't have much to say, except that I didn't know these bunnies' artist! Early this year I bought a sticker sheet of them from their alliexpress shop and today I found them again when I found some cute art on twitter. Please check her sites, she draws super cute people and bunnies!!
I actually want to make a section on the cute blog with artist, but I'm not sure if putting the example art on their description counts as art repost....

Memelo Land of Sweets

Found: My Plastic Heart

Been looking at designer/collector toys and these ones caught my eyes! They're girls/animals with a food theme, which seems very overused, but they managed to pull it off super well. They all have a super round and soft mould, and even though they share very similar moulds (like most designer toys), each one of them has a distinct personality. The creator is listed as ''sugar pocket'' but I haven't been able to find their official site or many of their other toys.... Also if you're reading this in january 2022, the pre-orders of this toy are still open!

Jellycat plushies

Website: jellycat.com

I feel like lots of people know about them already, but I wanted it to have a little space on my website. They're a toy company from London who specialises in plushies and releases new collections every 6 months. Apart from animals (that range from teddy bears to lobsters and fairies) they also make plushies of flowers, food and inanimate objects.
I love them for how simple they look, even though I think the sparkly trend (like whatever beanie babies got going on now) is cute too, it's nice to have a change of pace. The dot eyes and soft colors make me feel comfy inside, and the huge variety of plushies is wonderful. I'm sure there's at least one that will catch your heart.

Rabbit knife

Website: Abyss design

I think most people into cute (or creppy-cute) fashion has seen the Juliette and Lappin knives. The genuine ones are made by Takumi Armory, a japanese company that makes by-order weapons for cosplayers. As cute as they are, they're mostly made with modeling in mind, not cooking (they're hard to clean and not very safe to hold while chopping stuff)
But today I found out about this bunny knife! Made by hand and actually for cooking. This page seems to specialise in making different kinds of knives. mostly goth ones (so they aren't as cute as this one, but it has a butterfly-themed one too!


Website: Lalaloopsy

This is more of a "oh I have just remembered this" entry than a find one. Sometimes I sit and think 'oh I wonder what happened to Lalaloopsi...', these dolls were EVERYWHERE when I was... 12-13? and then suddenly vanished. I thought it could be the same story as with LPS: they changed the design, people disliked it, Hasbro stopped selling LPS in my country but still produced them for the US. But no, apparently Lalaloopsi just vanished.

The thing is that, they're coming back from what I'm seeing! I just Googled "what happened to Lalaloopsi" and I saw that lol. And they got a bunch of series and different dolls? It's nice, I really liked them when I was little, but the only one I had was the one pictured on the left, which I don't like much. Unsure if I will get another, but I would like to get a cuter one...

Oicolatcho's pocket

Sites: Youtube, Twitter

A super cute channel I found today! She isn't a Vtuber, it's a 3D modeler guy who makes and sells these VRchat avatars. From what I could gather thanks to machine translators, he once recorded himself dancing on VRchat with this avatar and it went viral in China. The channel is currently filled with short videos of this character dancing to popular songs & little antics on VRchat.

I have spent all day watching the videos, I can't stop smilling at how fuffy and happy she looks! I hope I can create such adorable characters someday too =w= Oh, also she's getting a prepainted figure! You can preorder from June 23th to September 1st 2022, but you will need a Chinese proxy to order!