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Mitzy and Gayle from Pixel Friends, they're two of my initials villagers from ACWW and ACNL respectively.
Almost all of them are for ACNL & ACWW because they're the ones I play the most, sorry!
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General + Misc

chriiscrossing Masterpost of the little villager pixels
My ACWW diary ACWW | How to lock villagers into staying forever. This blogs has other usful tips too!
Mori db ACNL | Item database
Mischacrossing ACNL | General tips for landscaping
El Taller de Al ACNL | In spanish, pics of every item variant/customization
AC Camp A pretty funny liveblog of ACWW


Vivicore Brick pattern tutorial
A forest life ACWW | General paths. Please check the rest of site too!
LaFra's QR pack ACNL | What the tin says, a mega pack with +500 QRs. If you saw a popular path in 2014, it's probably here!
Hiyokodesign ACNL | Clothing and some paths & cutouts
Ririalice ACNL | My favorite pattern maker! Pink fairytale paths and clothes
Alicemignon12 ACNL | Pastel dessert & fairytale
Rokumeikanmura ACNL | Natural & food
Besaid Designs ACNL & ACNH | Natual & fancy. ACNL is mostly fake grass patterns.
Bibi design ACNL & ACNH | Bricks, flowers... Has lots of clothes too
Soeurs doigts de fee ACNL | French site with a bunch of QRs


ACNL editor ACNL | Town save editor. Freely change your town, villager, houses, character's names...
Custom flags ACNL | To be used with the save editor, flags for customized furniture
ACNL REditor ACNL | Havent used it yet, but seems a much more complete save editor
Briclyn Forest ACNL | How to get trails of anything when walking