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About my site

Baguette was created on October 23th 2021, after reading a super basic guide on HTML. I felt like a hacker after being able to make make borders lol
Unlike many people here, I don't have nostalgia for the old web. Well, I do miss it a lot, specially when it comes to fandoms, but I was more of a blog and forum girlie, I barely got to experience personal sites (we didn't got internet connection until 2010)

So... the reason of this website is just because I found the idea fun!
Nothing more, nothing less.
Not all sites need a manifesto or want to make a change.
As you can probably see, I'm not good at graphic design. And much less web design. But that won't stop me!
I view my site as a scrapbook where I write down important stuff to me. And the same way, I love seeing everyone else's scrapbooks. Let's just have fun ☆☆☆

About me

I'm a hamster/cat mix but I was exiled to this universe on a boring human body for being too dumb.
I love going outside and watch how Earth's animals behave, they're so cute It seems most humans don't appreciate this activity though, how boring.
I like to jump from hoppy to hobby. Right now I'm learning drawing, pottery, coding and sewing. I'm a complete newbie on all of them though.
I’m very interested in art dolls and figures too! But I don’t have enough money to actually participate in the hobby, so I just absorb knowledge lol
I also love videogames! What a fun invention... Right now I’m very into Persona and Devil Survivor, but I like lots of others.


Animals: Cats and rodents! (no, I can’t pick a single rodent, I love all of them)
Color: Pink, cyan
Food: Bread. It counts as food in my heart, I will always fight for bread rights
Fruit: Oranges, blackberries
Pokemon: Lopunny/Bunneary, Primarina/Popplio, Wigglytuff, Mew
Fabric: Long milky
Ceramic glazing: Century XVIII, CS 21

My babies






Al Saiduq
My current favorite characters, hover the images for flavor text